First Look At Obama’s Housing Totalitarianism – It’s Bad



Liberals are no longer liberals and their end-game is not freedom, it’s control. Obama’s new housing rule is socialism at its worst. To see what will come to be as a result of it, you need go no further than Dubuque. It’s unbelievably bad.

It’s called social engineering and it’s totalitarianism.

This is where liberals are taking us.

In an article at National Review Online, Stanley Kurtz describes what was once considered a conspiracy theory – Agenda 21 – only it’s not called that now.

Now it’s called the“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” Act (AFFH), and if your municipality takes money from the federal government, you will be forced to obey. Every town, every village, every small city will lose its sovereignty and become subject to the rule of centralized mega-cities.

It’s happening on Long Island, it’s happening in Westchester, and it’s even worse in Dubuque.

From the Kurtz article:

An account of Dubuque as a forerunner of a post-AFFH world comes to us courtesy of a stunning report by Deborah Thornton, a policy analyst for Iowa’s Public Interest Institute. The report tells the story of how Dubuque was pressured to cede large swathes of its governing authority to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which has forced the city to direct its limited low-income “Section 8” housing resources, not to its own needy citizens, but to voucher-holders from Chicago.

Dubuque is not well-off and they are struggling. They can barely provide for their own.

It began when HUD demolished its most crime-ridden housing projects and left the residents displaced with only vouchers which they could use elsewhere. Dubuque developed a point system that gave preference to Dubuque residents and the Chicago residents were at the back of the line. HUD took over, rejected their point system, and treated Dubuque as if it were a suburb of Chicago.

Because Dubuque had accepted HUD funding, they had to do what HUD said. The elected officials in Dubuque were forced to sign a “voluntary” agreement to cede authority to HUD for five years.

Under HUD’s detailed oversight, Dubuque must now actively recruit Section 8 voucher holders from the Chicago area.

As of January 2015, the percentage of African-American voucher users in Dubuque was larger than the percentage of African-Americans living in Chicago. These are people who have never lived or worked in Dubuque.

Every region of the United States will be compelled to comply with this nationally engineered society. There will no longer be any autonomy for local governments.

Since “fair housing” means it has to be near transportation, jobs, and schools, HUD can control all planning and development.

It means the end of local government. The only question is how long will it take if our presidential candidates don’t grab onto this and stop it? We are letting agencies and unelected bureaucrats determine what our society will look like. We could all look like Chicago.

The only other option is for communities to not take federal funding. For many, it’s too late. Find out if your town is taking federal funds and if they are, organize your neighbors to stop it. More Information Can Be Found Here

Just as they are pursuing developers on Long Island, in Westchester, and Dubuque the new totalitarianism of the leftist big government will pursue officials and landlords in every neighborhood.


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John Velisek USN (Ret.)
John Velisek USN (Ret.)
6 years ago
6 years ago

We gots us lots of Pandora’s Boxes in our Federal Departments. HUD, Agriculture, DOEd, EPA. All are unconstitutional, but da peeps don’t know it. They think Congress can not only create unconstitutional agencies but allow them to run roughshod over the Sovereign States and the Sovereign People.
Ya takes da money, ya play by their “rules”. What to do….what to do……..

6 years ago

Stop this! Now! Get local government to listen! Call the Trump campaign office! Get the naysayer traitors to stick together against the Dems, or this is our future!