FISA Abuse Memo Is the “Smoking Gun” of Corruption, “Watergate Is Child’s Play”


Rep. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has declined to show the FBI the FISA abuse memo which accuses the intelligence community of abusing FISA, the Daily Beast reports. [Good!]

The memo, in the least, alleges that the FBI used the Steele dossier on Trump-Russia ties as a pretext to obtain FISA wiretaps against American citizens.

Unnamed individuals who spoke with the Washington Post said it contains assertions that discredit Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that hired a ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who is the author of the infamous and largely unverified “Trump dossier.” The memo reportedly says the FBI included false claims from Steele about Trump associates’ ties to Russia, in an approved application to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

That wasn’t the only information but does that matter?

More than 180 Republican House members of 240 have seen the memo and attachments, many expressing shock and others staying silent. Two senators would like to see it, Rand Paul and James Langford, but Paul has been denied.

Pencil neck, Adam Schiff

Only one Democrat had any interest in it, Adam Schiff, and he is claiming it’s merely talking points and wants it kept from the public because Americans “won’t understand it”.

Rep. Joyce announced that he has launched the effort to release the FISA abuse memo [with attachments]. It could take until mid-March unless someone gets that cold Sen. Feinstein had or if a plan by some congressmen to speed up the process works.

Some Republicans have been very vocal about their concerns and have appeared on television, calling for its release, labeling it “explosive” and “alarming”. Even some low-key Republicans like Rep. Holding have expressed shock.

“Having read the memo I was shocked, absolutely shocked — shocked and disappointed,” said Rep. George Holding, a former United States attorney from North Carolina who often used FISA in his former work. “I can’t say anything about what’s in the memo…but I think anyone reading this would quickly understand that the process was abused.”

In an interview on FNC, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) described the memo and the intelligence that goes with it as the ‘smoking gun’ of corruption in the DoJ and the FBI. “I can tell you this memo will make Watergate look like child’s play, and it’s not politics, the facts will speak for themselves,” he said.



  1. According to the two articles the document is a product of the House Committee. Therefore only the Legislative Branch has authority over itself. If it was a document from the Executive Branch, as DOJ, Or other Agencies then Trump could declassify it.

  2. Such bullshit as to attempts to release this EVIDENCE of serious crimes by Democrats. What kind of blarney do they believe we are capable of believing? WHY CAN’T THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OR THE PRESIDENT DECLASSIFY THIS EVIDENCE. We are really, really tired of the games that Democrats are playing and the attempts by Obama & Hillary and their CARTEL to overturn the legitimate government of the United States, OUT WITH IT! The demonstrations by the women state no specific purpose other than to sabotage the efforts of the President. The same kinds of mob and brainwashing tactics are now occurring that OCCURRED IN THE 1930s IN NAZI GERMANY. Huge crimes have been committed by Obama and Hillary and their minions. Let’s get it on the table. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL WITNESSES START TURNING UP DEAD BEING ACCUSED OF COMMITTING SUICIDE BY SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD……….TWICE………….how long, how long, long.,,.do we have to wait for JUSTICE??
    Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein will die of old age in a whorehouse before any Attorney General gets his/her act together. Judge Jeanine for Supreme Court Justice. Please check Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s pulse each A.M. to make sure she is still breathing, although we surely acknowledge that she is brain dead, but wants to come back in her next life as a Political Advocate,

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