Fisker’s Electric Hybrid Cars – Another Great Government Investment


We didn’t start the fire. ~ Fisker (Tesla Motors) & Billy Joel

The Volt has competition as the worst hybrid electric car and it is produced by another car company our government is investing in – the  Fisker.

The Obama administration loaned $200 million to Fisker.

When Fisker was given the money, they were supposedly going to purchase a GM plant in Delaware and hire 2,000 American auto workers to build an electric hybrid family car called the Atlantic.

I suppose Fisker didn’t realize how unreasonable the labor bosses of the United Auto Workers are. I’m sure our government would not allow Fisker to build in a right-to-work state. The taxes and regulations are not conducive either.

Nonetheless, Fisker collected $169 million so far and built a hybrid sedan called the Karma. It’s assembled in Finland.

It’s close to the election so, to put on a show of responsible behavior, the government froze the remainder of their loan when Fisker began hinting they would look for a cheaper country to build their cars.

Fisker’s car is more electric junk only to be outdone by the Volt (many of which are being built in China, Their batteries can go on fire).

During a Consumer Reports test, the Fisker stopped, for good, allegedly because of the battery. Another of their pricey cars recently went up in flames in a Texas owner’s garage.

Fisker denies any responsibility of course and their reasoning is that they tested their cars and they’re fine.

ABC News is reporting that Fisker may never build electric cars in the United States but they are working on a new business plan with the U.S. government (those great business people who invest our money so intelligently).


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