Five Dangerous Government Agencies Are Getting Chopped Up Under President Trump


President-elect Donald Trump has targeted the Department of Education (DOE), the Energy and Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, HHS and the IRS for major cutbacks. Trillions of dollars will be saved by chopping up all of these overgrown Progressive slush funds.

Government agencies take away freedom from the people and the larger they are, they more they exceed their original powers, write legislation, and deprive people of their rights using unelected and unaccountable  pencil pushers. They become a shadow government.

The blue collar billionaire wants to grow the economy and bring back jobs. Cutting these agencies as he promised will be a grand first start and will provide funds for his tax cuts for the middle class and business.


1.Department of Education (ED) – annual budget $70 billion

The Department of Education (DOE) is facing extinction or at least a major trimming, and as an educator, that sounds good to me. The monstrous one-size-fits-all behemoth sends down unfunded mandates that often interfere with the educational process. The head of the DOE, the failed New York school chief, John King, is on a path to shove Common Core, leftist curricula, and school consolidation down all our proverbial throats.

Donald Trump promised he would return education to the people on the state and local levels.

“A lot of people believe the Department of Education should just be eliminated. Get rid of it. If we don’t eliminate it completely, we certainly need to cut its power and reach,” he wrote in his book “Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America.”

The agency was created in 1979 through the Department of Education Organization Act passed by Congress. The department’s main functions include administering federal assistance to schools and enforcing federal education laws. In recent years, the laws are far too imposing. The federal assistance is money from the people that filters through this immense, controlling apparatus of leftist pencil pushers with an agenda.

Trump could legally shutter it but since it began with an Act of Congress, he would need another one to end it. Reducing its size is part of his tax plan.

He needs to find $4.4 trillion to cover his planned tax cuts as delineated in his tax plan which details the cuts in an accompanying worksheet. The DOE is on the chopping block.


2.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – annual budget $8.5 billion

In the past, Trump has called for abolishing the Energy and Protection Agency (EPA), the agency that now has a large array of pencil pushers writing laws and calling them regulations.

Trump has recently backed off that and said he will refocus their mission away from heavy regulations. In a speech to the Shale Insight Conference in Pittsburgh, Trump made promises of removing regulations for domestic oil and natural gas production while at the same time promising environmental conservation.

“I will refocus the EPA on its core mission of ensuring clean air, and clean, safe drinking water for all Americans,” Trump said. “I believe firmly in conserving our wonderful natural resources and beautiful natural habitats. My environmental agenda will be guided by true specialists in conservation, not those with radical political agendas.”

A real blessing will be in the rules he plans to eliminate.

Trump again promised to repeal major EPA environmental regulations such as the Clean Power Plan, the Waters of the United States rule and Obama’s Climate Action Plan, which directed several Cabinet-level departments to start working on regulations to limit carbon pollution.

Trump also reiterated his plans to open up fossil fuel production on all federal lands, though the scope of that plan is not clear.

Citing a study from the Institute for Energy Research, Trump said drilling for oil and gas on all federal land could mean $20 trillion in economic activity over the next four decades. He will also open up the nation’s coasts to drilling.

“Our energy policy will make full use of our domestic energy sources, including traditional and renewable energy sources,” Trump said.

He said he would rescind the coal mining lease moratorium and eliminate the Interior Department’s stream rule, which he called “excessive.” He added that he would review all regulations from the Obama administration that he has deemed “anti-coal.” His tax plan calls for the elimination of all unnecessary coal regulations.

Trump added that he would fully develop the Marcellus and Utica shale formations that cover much of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and New York, and parts of other Eastern Seaboard states. That is where there are large reserves of natural gas that can only be released by fracking.

“The development of the Marcellus and Utica shales will fundamentally change the economic landscape of this region and our country, bringing extraordinary new prosperity to millions,” Trump said, adding that this means “more jobs, higher wages, a larger tax base and dollars flowing into our country for a change.


3.U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) – annual budget $155 billion

Then there is the FDA. He promised to target the “FDA food police” and eliminate food safety regulations in his new simplified tax plan. He plans to scale it back dramatically to save $1 trillion dollars over the next ten years.

SNAP is funded via the Farm Bill, a massive piece of legislative passed roughly every five years. Combining SNAP and the Farm Bill, which funds subsidies for both agriculture and food stamps, was concocted so it would be impossible to cut back on welfare. Constant increases go through because agriculture often requires the subsidies,though that is not the case with ethanol.

Donald Trump’s 2016 Republican platform calls for breaking the SNAP program away from the Farm Bill. It would mean SNAP and ethanol could stand alone. Bills should be stand-alone. When they aren’t, it conceals the bill’s expenditures from the public and it makes it harder to ever cut or pare down anything. Many bills should go back to standing on their own. If they can’t do that, then maybe they shouldn’t exist at all. The biggest problem comes in with the eternal divide between the two parties. They can’t come to agreements so whoever is running the government puts them with the opposition party’s bills to force passage.

Trump’s promise to increase fossil fuel production and scale back climate change mandates will affect the USDA which handles much of the Agenda 2030 morass of regulations and destructive economic mandates to our energy sector.


4.Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – annual budget $13.3 billion

Mr. Trump has proposed a moratorium on new federal regulations that are not compelled by Congress or public safety, and will ask agency and department heads to identify all needless job-killing regulations and they will be removed. If he follows through on this plan, and Americans are filling out one page forms, and the IRS is no longer in charge of targeting political opponents, this too will be facing a radical decrease in size.


5.Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – annual budget $892 billion

The repealing and replacing of Obamacare will slice away at the excessive costs and job-killing regulations the many bureaucrats have been writing day-in and day-out. No longer will some man or woman at a desk be able to concoct the plans to deprive the Little Sisters of the Poor of their rights or any religious company for that matter. Nor will they be able to make people buy insurance. Single men won’t have to pay for pregnancy care or birth control.

Donald Trump is moving ahead with plans to chop up some agencies, radically shrinking them in size, with others, he wants the waste and fraud looked at seriously.

Hasta la Vista, babies!



  1. Outstanding! Maybe we will finally be able to cut excessive growth, cost, rules and regulations from these agencies! There are other departments that need to feel the same cutting and roll back of regulations so I hope he does implement the changes noted here and add the other agencies in the mix. The DEQ and the Interior Department quickly come to mind!

  2. If he can pull all of this together, I am behind him all the way…!I am sick to the bone regarding how much money the present government and past governments have spent on nothing other than their own agendas…This country is BLEEDING MONEY and it needs to stop.

  3. How about turning the EPA into a service agency that helps businesses reduce and eliminate emissions. The EPA should be a source of information and assistance to landowners and businesses and will help them reduce all emissions no matter what they are. Current air and water rules are to remain in place until business and landowners work out discharge control plans. To do this I am suggesting that each field office in the EPA be equipped with a couple of super computers which can help generate the production model/algorithm which will work the business towards a national zero emissions/discharge goal. There will be no cap and trade policy because this plays favorites with those currently in the pollution market and raises entry cost for new, innovative business. We need to lower market entry costs not raise them as cap and trade does. Cap and trade will also allow for corruption whereas working everyone towards a zero emission and discharge goal is best for everyone even if it takes 20 yrs to get there. As for autos, same policy as for industrial plants, and we should be in the market of facilitating car makers working towards zero emission cars and trucks through either carbon composite, hydrogen or mag-lev technology. ning the EPA into a service agency that helps businesses reduce pollution and emissions.

    • Your ideas certainly will not work when the funding is cut. If you have the expectations that businesses, corporations, manufacturers and power plants can police themselves then you still believe in Santa Claus. Wake up out there. It’s 70 degrees here in November in northern Illinois. The only people I know that believe a warm spell that holds on this long this late in the year is normal are delusional. Trump is a climate denier. The people he is about to appoint are climate deniers and Washington insiders. He isn’t going to clean out anything in DC. He and his cohorts are laughing at people like you who were suckered into voting a straight ticket. We have already tipped on climate change. The ecological destruction, desertification, ocean acidification and mass die offs will eventually affect you or your children. Massive fires in the west, incredible floods, oil spills, the demise of clean energy and the filthy coal power grid remaining in the hands of a few dinosaurs is what you voted for. Fortunately there is the mid-term when some of the political hacks can be removed. Newt Gingrich–really! What a fine person, reprimanded for fraud. Guiliani-another member of the Kriminal Klass. This is beyond a bad joke.

  4. and I would like him to cut term limits and also when they leave office they do not get their monthly salary or when they die the spouse doent receive his allotment either and no old folks like 80 or over in there either and kick them brotherhood guys out of our Whitehouse and obama even has the marxis in ther also get them out and did he say he would get rid of care well if not hope he does and if their is a family of illegals here in America n been here for awhile I hope he kicks them back also illegal is illegal o gosh there is so much for him 2 get moving on his head has 2 b spinning but I do congradulate you Mr President Trump elected good going

  5. What is your education level? You need to do some reading as you don’t seem to know about representative government. Term limits might be okay, but you seem to forget that members of Congress are elected. Trump is not a king. He cannot kick people out of the House or the Senate. What he can do to you is privatize your social security, cut your minimum wage, allow Wall Street to resume cheating by not having a balance of power. It rarely happens where one party controls all. This time it will be worse because his cronies want to take down consumer protections so liar loans and housing bubbles will again be the norm as will more credit default swaps and insuring worthless securities while betting against them and selling bundles to fools. The industries that left this country are not coming back. They would have to rebuild, retool and pay higher wages and that is just not going to happen without tariffs that are absurdly high. Taking down the TPP whether permanently or temporarily until the actual results can be better determine is fine because these trade deals look good on paper, but they always suck the life out of the middle class. Unfortunately with tariffs, you will no longer be able to buy cheap goods from China. Furthermore, with a retail economy, once the tariffs are imposed and average folks can no longer afford to shop, the entire economy collapses or the suffering is great. Mexican labor is necessary on farms and in businesses across this country. Are you going to go pick grapes, lettuce and cotton? I really don’t think you gave much thought as to how difficult things could get. When people work they expect benefits. I agree with you that there should be some limits on benefits for people only serving 2 or 4 years. Must be nice.

  6. Hopefully he will defund the FTC. They spend billions of tax-dollars on frivolous lawsuits and on low-hanging fruit cases that have no impact on consumers (e.g. Lab MD).

    The FTC pretends to be cyber security experts, but they lack technincal degrees and technical training — they are lawyers with arts degrees and their “technologist” staff are likewise arts graduates who happen to know people at the agency. The agency is made ultra liberal elites who studied art and history and worked as lobbyists. Imagine if the NIH was made up of humanities majors pretending to be doctors?

    Trump should defund the FTC and take away their ability to work on cyber security cases. The cyber security community thinks the FTC is a joke.

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