Horror Story! Five Girls Who Lied About Being Sexually Assaulted Went Unpunished


Five high school girls, known as the “mean girls”, falsely claimed a male student sexually assaulted them because they “just don’t like him.”

The school and the district attorney did not punish the young women. After finally admitting they lied, the DA still hasn’t expunged the boy’s record.

The boy’s parents, Michael J. and Alicia Flood, are suing the parents of the five girls and the Seneca Valley School District in Pennsylvania over their son’s treatment.

They say in their 26-page lawsuit their son “was forced to endure multiple court appearances, detention in a juvenile facility, detention at home, the loss of his liberty, and other damages until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false.”

The boy now has to be homeschooled because of the bullying. They would tape signs on his back without him knowing that said “predator”.

He was tortured.


It started with one girl falsely claiming sexual assault and her friend attesting to it because she wanted the boy expelled since she didn’t like him. The boy signed a consent decree after the accusations were made, but within months, another friend of the accuser made a false claim of sexual assault and her two friends attested to the lie.

The boy was charged with indecent assault, simple assault, and criminal trespass because the girl claimed he entered her house without permission to assault her. He was expelled and arrested.

He spent nine days in juvie, and was then placed on house arrest.

“After 28 days, [the boy] was only allowed out of his home to mow his lawn,” the lawsuit states.

In May, three of the girls admitted they lied. It took until September for the DA to dismiss the charges. He hasn’t yet expungd the records, the lawsuit states. The parents cite gender-based discrimination.

The boy has to see a psychologist after the abuse he was subjected to.

The school has also not punished the five girls who made the false accusation, according to the lawsuit. At the minimum, they should be charged with filing a false police report.

The boy’s parents are seeking unspecified damages from the parents of the girls, the school district, and the DA’s office.

The school said they did nothing wrong and will vigorously fight the lawsuit.


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