Five Reasons Why People Should Be “Fed Up” With George Demos


George Demos is running for Congress as a conservative Republican for the fifth time in Suffolk County Long Island, a place he has only a remote connection to, and the only one who will benefit from his candidacy is the Democratic incumbent, Tim Bishop.

Interestingly, some of his money comes from far-left Democrats and Wall Street while he enjoys no support from his party. He recently donated a million dollars to his own campaign and much of the money is going to non-stop campaign ads.



Walter Shapiro writing for NYU’s Brennan Center noticed the “obscure” Mr. Demos and his first ad. He said this:

“Nothing better symbolizes the tawdry tenor of contemporary politics than the contents of what is, according to Politico, the first candidate-sponsored TV ad of the 2014 campaign season.”

 “A 30-second spot ballyhooing Republican contender George Demos visually links six-term Long Island Democratic House incumbent Tim Bishop with (wait for it) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. The connection between Bishop, a former college admissions counselor, and the crack-smoking Ford is blindingly obvious: Both men hold political office in North America.”

Demos’ most recent ad is no less ridiculous. He wants to know if we are all “fed up” and want to vote for him because he’s a non-politician and the only one in the race who is opposed to Obamacare.

Mr. Demos said he’s not a politician in his TV ad, but he’s actually playing like a politician before he even gets elected. He also said he is the only politician to oppose ObamaCare which is an outright lie.

His opponent, Republican Lee Zeldin, repeatedly joined Senate Republicans to block formation of state healthcare exchanges. Not able to bypass the Senate Republicans, Cuomo enacted state Obamcare exchanges by fiat.

Demos might want to quote Chico Marx when he runs his commercials, “Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”



George Demos has begun his fifth smear campaign in six cycles funded by the same wealthy Pelosi-Democrats who funded his last campaign. He married into the ardently Democrat Tsakopoulos family and his father-in-law is Mr. Nancy Pelosi’s business partner. The Tsakopoulos family are bundlers for Hillary Clinton and George’s sister-in-law Eleni was recently rewarded with an ambassadorship.

NY GOP Chair Ed Cox recently responded in a statement to George Demos’ fundraising treasure chest, which has now reached $2.1 million:

“No amount of George Demos’ father-in-law’s money will change the fact Mr. Demos has virtually no ties to the First Congressional District and no Republican or Conservative support.

“Worse, the Demos candidacy is funded by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton’s top West Coast donor, who made his billions as a business partner of Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband.

“George Demos is a fatally flawed candidate who only lives in the First Congressional District when he’s running for office and has zero community involvement or good will.

“After 12 years of Tim Bishop, George Demos is committing political malpractice by interfering with Long Islanders’ best shot at responsible, fiscally conservative representation in Washington. Lee Zeldin is the only Republican with the record and goodwill to defeat Tim Bishop.”

That about sums it up.

Brookhaven GOP Chairman, Jesse Garcia publicly posed this question during the 2012 race, “George Demos has a lot of explaining to do,” charged Garcia. “Why is the Demos campaign allowing itself to be bankrolled by California liberals who are some of the biggest donors to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee? Frankly, it’s beyond disturbing to find out that the Demos campaign is being backed by the same people who helped to attack and defeat Republicans all over the country, and elect Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House – and hope to do so again.”



The Demos campaign in 2010 was a campaign against fellow Republicans. He seriously wounded candidates who could have beaten Tim Bishop.

In 2010, Demos had unkind words for Cox and labeled him a carpetbagger when he himself is a carpetbagger. Demos has contributed nothing to Long Island, has never paid real estate taxes on Long Island, and his claim to Long Island is his family’s summer home where he vacationed as a child. He disappears except during election time..

In 2010 and again in 2012, Demos’ worst smears were against Randy Altschuler. He called him a ‘loser’ and a ‘despicable loser.’ He didn’t value the truth during the campaign, having doctored tapes of Mr. Altschuler in his TV ads and falsely claiming Altschuler was pro-choice.

Demos is fond of the projection technique – he labels his opponents with offenses he himself is guilty of, and, make no mistake, his opponents are the Republicans and Conservatives. He presents as a bitter candidate who expected Republicans to support him in 2012. He had no Republican, Conservative, or Independent Party support.

He appears to have an axe to grind.

In May 2012, he sent out an email to Republican voters warning them that the GOP Chairman and Randy Altschuler were potentially asking them to engage in illegal conduct:

Dear Republican Committee Members,

The Brookhaven Republican Committee and Randy Altschuler for Congress have sent out a communication instructing you to commit potentially illegal conduct. This is an important legal warning. Please read the following advisory to ensure that you are not subject to potential criminal prosecution in connection with Randy Altschuler for Congress’ “NY1 Primary Absentee Ballot Program.”

The “potentially illegal conduct” by the Chairman was getting out the vote for those people who can’t be present on election day such as some seniors and students who need to vote by absentee ballot. It was sent to committee members who well know the rules for absentee balloting and if there are any who don’t, they know enough to ask. They don’t need those specifics written out in a casual email though Demos insisted they did in a most nitpicky, hyperbolic, and desperate attempt to vilify Republican leadership and the candidate.

It was a nonsensical lie.

Of course there was nothing illegal and it went nowhere. It was a distortion of reality meant to scare Republicans into voting for him in the primary.

Demos’ political chicanery in 2012 and in 2010 appeared vindictive and obfuscated the important issues that needed to be discussed.

In 2012, Demos’ campaign website consisted of one page of issues – a paragraph for each issue, but there were pages and pages of attacks on his opponent in the Republican Primary, Randy Altschuler. He’s a political attack dog not a problem solver.

Demos even managed to lose most of his Tea Party support which he fully enjoyed, partly because of his vicious attacks against Chris Cox and Randy Altschuler but also because of revelations about his past as SEC lawyer.



Demos ended 2013 with a barrage of expensive TV commercials running continuously on Fox News in which he bragged about his experience at the SEC during the Madoff investigations.

In 2012, George Demos’ website bore the slogan “Fighting for Freedom,” it touted his service as an enforcement lawyer in the New York office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. A bio said that he “handled some of the SEC’s most significant investigations,” including that of Ponzi scheme artist Bernard Madoff, and “worked tirelessly on the cases that never made the headlines.”

Ironically, it was at a time when the SEC did a poor job of investigating Madoff, allowing him to continue his blatant abuses in the open without any SEC oversight.

Demos’ time in the SEC has a dark history.

When George Demos was an SEC investigator, he betrayed the confidence of a whistleblower, Peter Sivere. Mr. Sivere was a compliance officer at JP Morgan Chase. The SEC pimped Mr. Sivere and George Demos outed him to JP Morgan in violation of ethics and financial laws.

An Inspector General’s (IG) report confirmed that Demos was the staff attorney who was cited in the IG report for violating SEC rules.

Demos improperly disclosed protected, nonpublic information about Sivere to his employer, JP Morgan Chase, while the SEC was investigating Sivere’s employer JP Morgan Chase for illicit activity supported by information Mr. Sivere came across in the way of performing his duties as a compliance officer.

The IG report charging misconduct by Demos grew out of an SEC probe that began in 2003 of JPMorgan and other big financial institutions suspected of illegal market practices.

The IG referred the Demos ethics case to the agency’s management for possible disciplinary action, but the SEC took no action. Soon after that, Demos quietly resigned from his job and launched his bid for a seat in the House of Representatives.

The confidential information that Demos disclosed was used by a JP Morgan lawyer against Peter Sivere for alerting the SEC to possible wrongdoing by his employer, according to the report and other documents, some released under the Freedom of Information Act. Peter Sivere was fired.

The case goes beyond politics, which Demos is very good at, to the very sketchy connections between the SEC and Wall Street. The fact that Demos got away with it doesn’t help the SEC’s image.

Demos interviewed Sivere, knew the information was confidential, knew it concerned an investigation of his employer JP Morgan Chase, and then willingly leaked his name to JP Morgan. He also lied about it at first.

Demos, when first questioned by an SEC supervisor, “did not admit” to the improper disclosure, the IG report says, though he did concede he might have been responsible, saying he “did not remember.” The information about Demos’ past was uncovered by POGO (Project on Government Oversight), a watchdog organization.

Demos wasn’t content with ruining Peter Sivere, he also blasted his name all over his website for political expediency.

Demos is a politician.

The SEC blew off the Demos case. Peter Sivere lost his job but JP Morgan recently settled the case with him.



It’s okay to be political but why lie about it?

Demos, for all his talk of not being a politician, is politically wired. His donor list in 2012 included wealthy Wall Streeters. He was involved in the campaigns of former New York Gov. George Pataki and former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato. What non-politician helps facilitate political campaigns?

It’s not about the truth for Mr. Demos. It’s about the end justifying the means. One can only guess what he thinks the end is since he has no real party support except from democrats. Mr. Demos is a flawed candidate who plays with the truth.


Independent Sentinel awards Mr. Demos its infamous Four Pinocchio rating:

Demos wins 4 Pinocchios

You can hear Lee Zeldin’s speech which he gave at The New York meeting on January 6th. Click this link. Ask yourself how he measures up against George Demos who only seems able to brag about non-existent accomplishments and tries to obliterate opponents for who knows why.