Five Ways You Can Tell Communists Are Infiltrating US Society


The Communists are out in the open now but people who notice and call it what it is are called conspiracy nuts. The accusation is meant to silence any opposition as the statists institute their ideals through gradualism. The tactic works, but the signs are fairly obvious to anyone paying attention.

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Rolling Stone, famous for glorifying the Boston Bomber, has come out with a communist platform for the US.  In an article published Friday, titled, Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For, which you can google since I don’t link to communist rags, they called for:

    1. Guaranteed Work for Everybody
    2. Social Security for All
    3. Take Back the Land
    4. Make Everything Owned by Everybody
    5. A Public Bank in Every State

This is soviet-style communism. Perhaps it’s a gimmick to sell papers, perhaps not.



Not only is Common Core infested with socialist propaganda, but the anti-Common Core movement has Marxist leadership and some communist members.

A group called Badass Teachers (BAT), networked with Occupiers and other like groups, has quickly grown into the leading anti-Core group on Facebook. One of the leaders of Badass Teachers is Mark Naison, who was, briefly, one of the notorious SDS Weathermen and who is now a Fordham professor. He rejoined the Weathermen for their 1988 reunion at Columbia.

Here are some of the comments he made on a Facebook link last week:

Mark Naison: Folks. I know Bill Ayers, I was almost part of the Weatherman. I consider myself a Marxist and I am against Common Core as any of you because I think it is destroying public education in the US and making kids hate school.

Mark Naison: Your movement has real live leftists in it. Live with it!!!

Mark Naison: They certainly do. People’s comfort zones in this movement may have to expand, whether they are left, right center, or off the charts. And my life is an open book. This is a very difficult coalition that folks here are trying to create. But it can’t be built on a single world view.

Mark Naison: this is Bill Ayers basically saying that Obama is a moderate and needs to be pushed to the left by grass roots movements. Ironically, the very grass roots movement that Ayers is calling for is the movement against the Common CORE! Because Common CORE cements big money domination of American’s public schools for profit, which leftists are against!!! No leftist thinks Obama is a leftist. They think he is the servant of America’s big corporations!

Mark Naison: Under Obama education policy Arne Duncan style, the rich get richer, the middle class gets beaten down, and the poor get a future at Wal Mart. Not my idea of a just society., [sic]

Mark Naison: Most leftists now HATE Obama, because most leftists are not big government central control types any more.

Mark Naison: What is going on in education in the US right now is terrifying and does have some features reminiscent of totalitarian societies. The Gates/Obama vision for the nation’s public schools scares the hell out of me. But Bill Ayers, Weathermen? I am an historian and bringing those influences in just isn’t credible. Now George Soros, that’s another matter. Top down education reform is global in scope and definitely has the world’s economic elites behind it. Bill Ayers, you’d best believe, doesn’t get invited to their seminars in Aspen

Mark Naison: I am all about social justice, but when someone says “education reform” I take out my revolver, metaphorically of course.

One has to wonder how Mr. Naison thinks his form of redistributive social justice can be achieved without big government and some form of totalitarianism. Marxists like Naison are making themselves appear mainstream and they are either denying Marxists are communists, claiming they are only ‘social justice’ people, or they are making statements such as, ‘communism is simply a different economic system.’

Check out quotes from two followers:

One Naison follower said this on Facebook: ‘…people always get up in arms about the word communism which conjures up images of assassination of the Czar, Stalinist purges, the Cold War and nuclear annihilation, but it’s simply a different economic system whereby the public sector controls the factors of production unlike capitalism whereby the private sector controls the factors…’

Another wrote, ‘I’ve never been called a terrorist but I wear communist with great pride. 🙂

Leftists’ concerns about Common Core are protecting the unions, teacher tenure, overuse of testing, corporations, the rich, capitalism, and teacher evaluations being tied to objective measures. It’s highly unlikely that leftists mind the socialist propaganda in the Common Core teaching materials, in fact, they deny it exists and silence people who say it does by calling them conspiracy nuts. The teacher unions actually write the socialist curricula goals. Check out NYSUT (New York State United Teachers) if you don’t believe me or google it on this site.



Then there is the Administration:

Mr. Obama is friends with Fascist states, Morsi’s Egypt, Erdogan’s Turkey, and The Muslim Brotherhood in general, touting these terrorists as moderate. He is trying to align himself with Iran and has caved to Assad. He ignores the Christian pogroms throughout the world. He has extended his hand to Cuba’s Castro, Chavez and his successor in Venezuela, and has abandoned allies such as Israel and has been dismissive of the Brits. He has continually apologized for America.

He wants to completely wipe out our nuclear weapons and then move on to small weapons. He is intent on disarming us. He has asked the UN for permission to go to war but ignored Congress.

Obama has made us irrelevant on the world stage.

Obama has taken over the student loan program and wants Common Core for pre-school, K-12, and higher learning, which will end up nationalizing education.

Obama continually raids the banks under the pretext of making them pay restitution for the economic crisis. He has gone after Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo et al and has everyone convinced it’s worth ignoring because bankers are evil, rich, white dudes. In September, Wells Fargo gave Freddie Mac $869 million and last week they agreed to give Fannie Mae $591 million. This system ignores the corruption on the part of Fannie and Freddie. Chase recently settled for $13 billion and most of the settlement was for transgressions by the entities the government asked Chase to buy.

Obama has taken over the energy sector through the EPA, Executive Orders and rules. He is destroying the coal industry which provides the nation with the cheapest fuel and has made no attempt to let the industry develop clean coal.

He’s gradually eroding our Second Amendment rights and does believe the First Amendment should be limited by how much people are offended by what we say. He has ignored the Fourth Amendment and doesn’t seem to like the Tenth. He’s supposedly a constitutional lawyer. One of his worst transgressions is his decision to put government in charge of deciding who and what can call themselves a religious organization and thus limit their rights of conscience. Currently he is bullying The Little Sisters of the Poor.

He is planning to social engineer us through HUD. He is mapping neighborhoods, and he will redistribute the assets until he gets his economic and social justice ideal inculcated into our society.

He’s called for government control of 401K’s in two of his budgets.

Obama has no regard for the separation of powers and ignores Congress while bullying the Supreme Court of the United States. He has brought on John Podesta, who is a socialist and who is known for his ability to issue FIATs while ignoring Congress. Podesta likes to pass unconstitutional laws and worry later about the ramifications which come way down the road, after his dictates have had time to ferment into the fabric of society.

Obama has called for income equality, redistribution, economic justice, living wages as a right, and social justice, all Marxist tenets. He has made healthcare a ‘right’ which puts government in charge. He has surrounded himself with socialist advisers – his czars.

Obamacare has destroyed the greatest healthcare system in the world. Obama has shown no regard for the people who are now without insurance. Only the goal matters and the goal is single payer, a full-blown socialist system of healthcare in which the government decides what health services you will receive.



We mustn’t forget Congress and the 71 who are members of the Progressive Caucus, many of whom are documented Socialists and Communists. Communist Party USA describes them as’ allies’ on its website though they see them as too ‘accomodationist.’ As with all statism, the left will keep pushing further left until we reach the Communist ideal.

Progressives want tens of millions of illegal aliens to come into the country and join communist unions and become a permanent Democrat voting bloc. They want a secular nation without any public recognition of religion. Their unsustainable initiatives to redistribute wealth and their profligate spending will eventually collapse our system.



New York is leading the way to statism with its first communist mayor, Bill de Blasio, who refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist. He is actually a huge supporter of the communist Sandanistas and adheres to their values while ignoring their human rights violations.

It doesn’t matter what Warren Wilhelm, Wilhelm-de Blasio, Bill de Blasio calls himself because all these groups cooperate with one another, have the same basic ideals, and the only differences are in the matter of degree.

De Blasio hopes New York will lead the way. He will be interesting to watch as he experiments with far-left ideology in the financial capital of the United States.

These times are becoming dangerous.


Of course, there is no threat of communism or any type of statism eroding our Republic – which Mr. Obama slyly refers to as a democracy – and anyone who says differently must be a conspiracy nut.

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