FL Taco Bell Didn’t Serve Customer Because She Doesn’t Speak Spanish


An employee at a Florida Taco Bell refused to serve Black Americans because a customer and other people in the car spoke English and not Spanish. The employee even threatened to call the police because in between laughter, the customer tried to convince her to let her order food.

This is America, USA. We have towns and large areas of cities that are all foreigners and we have allowed this to happen. Hialeah isn’t unusual.

One customer’s name is Montgomery and she posted the information with a video clip to Facebook, tagging the NAACP because she thinks the woman was racist. That’s possible but who knows.

The employee could have taken the order. She could have figured it out but didn’t want to.


The incident took place Wednesday night in Hialeah, a predominantly Spanish-speaking town when Alexandria Montgomery tried to place an order in English, the Miami Herald reports.

In it, Montgomery can be heard asking for a manager, but the employee, Luisa, says in Spanish that she is “in her house sleeping” and there is no one available to take her order, according to the Herald.

“Can you move, please? I have an order behind you. There is no one who speaks English,” Luisa continues. Montgomery left.

When Montgomery called the manager the next day, the woman apologized, said ‘thank you’ and hung up.

Luisa has since been fired because she didn’t meet “company expectations”.

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