Flake’s Unhappy That the GOP Celebrated Justice Kavanaugh’s Confirmation


Sen. Jeff Flake isn’t gone yet and he’s still complaining about his fellow Republicans. He said they spiked the ball by celebrating Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the Hill reports.

“Frankly, I’ve looked at what’s happened since he’s been confirmed and to see our party kind of spiking the ball in the end zone it just doesn’t seem right,” Flake told C-SPAN on Thursday.

“This is an impartial referee that we’re putting on the court,” Flake said, adding that Kavanaugh gave a “magnanimous” and “appropriate” speech following his confirmation.

“But the fact that there is even an event to celebrate, you know with only Republicans there, no Democrats, I just didn’t think that that was right.”

That was the Democrats choice, wasn’t it?

Justice Kavanaugh was vilified with no evidence and the President wanted to give him the respect he deserved. Republicans finally got a win and they too have been vilified.

Democrats don’t know what hit them. They are used to Republicans just rolling over. It’s infuriating them.

As for Sen. Flake, he never knew which side he was on, but it’s clear, he’s on the Democrats’ side.

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