FLASHBACK: Google Changed the Definition of Fascism

Someone put this reminder up on reddit and it’s one we should keep in mind as the right-wing is silenced. Google changed the definition of Fascism from “centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition” to “right wing system of government and social organization” this year.

It was another smear and more fake news. Democrats have shown once again that they are willing to rewrite the dictionary and history to not only camouflage what they are doing, but to shut down the right.

Redefining “fascism” is a way of protecting their henchmen in Antifa and other Soros-funded groups for one thing. They disguise who they are. Antifa or anti-Fascist groups pretend they are fighting fascism, all the while they are the fascists. They call Trump Hitler and say only the right can be fascist.

As Daily Caller reports, Merriam-Webster defines the word “fascism” as “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” The secondary definition is “a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.”

The left likes to make Hitler into a right-wing nut but he was clearly a fascist like Mussolini.

This is Google’s not-so-subtle transformation of the definition.

Google defines it as right-wing and omits the part about “centralized government” and “severe economic and social regimentation, forcible repression of the opposition”.

The right wants small, limited government and values free speech which the Democrats want to limit, along with freedom of some religions and the right to own guns for self-protection. Centralized government is what they are all about. They are the collective with little regard for the rights of the individual.

The reason they changed the definition seems obvious but Daily Caller also notes that Google co-founder Sergey Brin is strongly opposed to Donald Trump.

Democrats overuse hyperbole; use euphemisms to the extreme; and they have us living in an upside-down Orwellian world where history, such as that of the Civil War, slavery and the Democrat KKK/Jim Crow laws, are being rewritten. They rightfully demonize Hitler while embracing communism. They would make Joe Stalin proud.



  1. Google’s motto is ( or was ) “Don’t be evil”

    well… so much for that!

    Google is now helping or aiding the evil left, Google is lying for the left and that makes Google evil

    the other “ironic” thing is that Google to an extent has similarities with the original definition of fascism

    a centralized power; that’s Google

    with dictatorial tendencies; yep that’s Google

    suppression of opposition; again that’s Google

    Standard oil over a 100 years ago was forced to be ” broken” into many smaller companies because its having a huge monopoly was considered unhealthy.

    It is time for Trump to force Google to be broken into a dozen or so smaller companies, the people at Google are drunk with power, and they are starting to do evil things.

  2. This was ‘predicted’ by George Orwell in his book “1984”.

    Google ‘controls’ the definition of words…and they can shift them around to suit their purposes. Their primary purpose it to control people and prevent ‘critical thinking’. The ‘approved thinking’ is that fascism is right-wing extremism…..Hitler was a fascist and evil…so he must have been right wing. AND – right wing people today are like Hitler …so they are evil. That is how they control the debate.

    BUT – they must ignore the writings of Hitler supporters and the very declarations of the NAZI party – they were SOCIALISTS first and foremost. They opposed free markets and capitalism. They were all for the power of the state. So – how do we make Hitler a ‘right-winger’ – other than repeated lies and burying history?

    AND – NAZI party was bad because Hitler and his minions were responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people. (One estimate – 40 million died in the 1930’s and 1940’s due to WWII and Hitler.)
    On the other hand – Communism doesn’t get the same scrutiny – because Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Dung, Pol Pot…and a few other more minor communist dictators were responsible for the deaths of about 120 Million people – and the enslavement of over a billion people. Communism is, by a simple measure – at least 3 times worse than Nazism….probably even more. BUT – you will see colleges and universities with professors who espouse communism (while a professor who espoused Nazism would be fired.) This shows how stupid this is…yet the Orwellian re-write will keep plenty of liberals ignorant, stupid and still leftist.

    • Yes a movie everyone should watch along with and even more applicable here, Fahrenheit 451.. it’s shocking how truly EVIl these communist Coup Klan monsters are to the IDEALS & FREEDOMS of America!

  3. We all need to us another search engine and than we take away the governments power, who have become to powerful, or we just go back to yelling loud try Lookseek a unbiased, no tracking search or one of the other alternative searches. Take back our internet.

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