Flashback: How San Francisco Launched a Costly Campaign to Promote Illegal Immigration

32-year old Kate Steinle
Kate Steinle was shot in the back by a criminal illegal alien while walking with her father on a San Francisco pier. She said “Help me Dad,” as she fell. She died in his arms.

San Francisco has been a sanctuary city since 1985 and no one in the federal government attempted to stop them. At the time, there were 13 of these cities, now there are more than 200.

The city of San Francisco doesn’t care about the rule of law nor do they care about the safety of citizens when it comes to illegal immigrants. They have gone so far as to ask deported illegals to return.

The devastated family of Kate Steinle is suing the The Sheriff of San Francisco, ICE and the Bureau of Land Management in an attempt to get justice for Kate.

The family has little to no chance of winning but this suit could conceivably bring out more information surrounding the the murder of Kate.

San Francisco first became a sanctuary city in the mid-1980s.


On December 27, 1985, as illegal immigrants poured in from Guatemala and El Salvador, then-mayor Dianne Feinstein (photo above) signed a resolution declaring, “City Departments shall not discriminate against Salvadorans and Guatemalan refugees because of their immigration status, and shall not jeopardize the safety and welfare of law-abiding refugees by acting in a way that may cause their deportation.” In signing the resolution, Feinstein stated, “The resolution has one purpose and that is to emphasize that persons are not going to be discriminated against or hassled in San Francisco because of their immigration status as long as they are law-abiding.” SF thus becomes the 13th city to pass such a resolution.

They became known as a City of Refuge.

It gives you an idea of how much respect these Democrats have for the rule of law.

In 1989, after a raid on the Mission Club, the city passed a law making the city a “sanctuary city” in defiance of federal law.

The law was amended in 1993 to allow police to report people arrested for felonies (or who had previously been convicted of a felony) to immigration authorities. The law didn’t say whether it applied to juveniles.

IN 1994, juveniles, which included gang members, were exempted.

Gavin Newsom

In 2008, Mayor at the time, Mayor Gavin Newsom announced plans at a presser to reach out to deported illegal aliens and ask them to return. Brochures went out in five languages. Mayor Newsom said that “We’re going to spend resources and time and energy and to do PSA’s, to do campaign outreach into community clinics, into our public schools, into our police stations to let people know what a sanctuary city is all about.”

Newsom said that he was concerned that the federal government had been more aggressive in its immigration raids.”

There were no major raids in the city prior to this campaign. Police Chief Heather Fong said, “We do not work on enforcing immigration laws, only public safety to prevent crime.”

They spent thousands to violate immigration law and made a point of saying they have no interest in enforcing immigration law.

Currently, they will not work cooperatively with ICE.

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