FLASHBACK! When Obama’s General Leaked Top Secret Info to the NY Times Endangering a National Secret


Remember when the Obama administration was behind a leak that compromised national security and endangered Israel?

Stuxnet was a 2010 computer worm operation to sabotage Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, dubbed “Olympic Games”, and it is authored by Americans and Israelis. It was leaked by Obama’s favorite general and it compromised Israel.

The New York Times denied the Obama administration leaked the top secret information to them but according to David Sanger, the Obama administration approved the NY Times Stuxnet leak. Sanger was the author of the articles.

Sanger said that the paper brought these articles to the government’s attention prior to their publication and complied with a request to omit specific “highly technical details.”

The NY Times claimed they didn’t rely on the White House for the information they leaked. The leaks, they reported, were merely the result of “strenuous” reporting and they announced their plan to continue.

This information endangered our security and our ability to partner with other nations. Who wants to partner with nations who will not keep secret operations secret?

The White House denied being the source of the original leaks but refused requests for an independent investigator.

The White House didn’t raise any complaints about the leaks which raised serious concerns about their role in the affair.

Opposition to the leaks was bipartisan. Senator John McCain was very vocal in his opposition though he’s now praising the leakers of the Comey memo.

Senator Dianne Feinstein said, “I am deeply disturbed by the continuing leaks of classified information to the media, most recently regarding alleged cyber efforts targeting Iran’s nuclear program.”

She further added, “This is like an avalanche. It is very detrimental and, candidly, I found it very concerning,” Feinstein said. “There’s no question that this kind of thing hurts our country,” referring to the leak. She also expressed concerns that there would be copycat cyberattacks against the U.S.

The FBI launched an investigation. General Cartwright was charged with the leak and Obama pardoned him on January 17, 2017 on his way out of office. Cartwright admitted he lied to the FBI. “Obama’s General”, Obama’s favorite general according to Obama, was the lead in the Stuxnet leak.


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