Flint Michigan’s Dirty Water, Dirty Politics, Our Future


Republican Governor Snyder has been set up to bear the entire blame for the lead problem in Flint, Michigan. Flint is a poor area with a large African-American population. Snyder apologized but it is the mayor, Obama and the EPA who should have apologized.

So-called objective reporter Ron Fournier joined the rest of the media to make Snyder the scapegoat for a largely Democrat failure.

The former Democrat mayor, Dayne Walling, is not getting the criticism he deserves. Walling was the one who moved the city to river water to save money. Flint’s city council voted for it 7 to 1 even though they didn’t need to vote – it could have been done without a vote. It was purely political.

The EPA knew of the problem but didn’t say a word. The En­vir­on­ment­al Pro­tec­tion Agency sat on lead test results.

In Feb­ru­ary 2015, months be­fore the con­tam­in­a­tion was exposed, an EPA wa­ter ex­pert named Miguel Del Tor­al iden­ti­fied po­ten­tial prob­lems in Flint’s drink­ing wa­ter. He con­firmed his sus­pi­cions in April and sum­mar­ized the crisis in a June in­tern­al memo. The memo was kept un­der wraps by EPA Mid­w­est chief Susan Hed­man, and the ana­lyst was for­bid­den from mak­ing his finding pub­lic.

After the switch to river water, residents complained for months about the foul water but they were ignored. In fact, Democrat Mayor Walling continued to claim the water was safe, and that the residents were “wasting their money on bottled water”.

The Detroit News cited email exchanges between EPA officials and Walling showing what it described as a “lack of urgency” over the matter and a greater focus on procedure rather than public safety. Walling and other officials repeatedly told residents the water was safe but blamed state and federal agencies for the problems, Fox News reported.

Detroit had canceled Flint’s water contract in 2013 after the city council decided to try to get out from under Detroit’s hefty water fees, forcing Flint to scramble for water since its new plan wouldn’t go into effect until 2016, Conservative Review reported. They are bankrupt and have few options.

Flint had expensive city water because almost half of the city’s water was leaking out or was stolen. Poor Democrat cities have to worry about water theft. They’ve been trying to crack down on it but the source of the problem is the corrupt Democrat machine.

One employee was bribed to turn on the water.

There’s quite an exodus from Flint as there is from Democrat cities in general. The government is the big employer in Flint – it’s completely unsustainable.

Hillary Clinton lied about the situation during the last debate. Hillary shamelessly accused the Michigan Republican governor of racism because of the lead in the water in Flint but ignored the Democrat mayor who was directly involved.

What is really ironic is that Obama denied Governor Snyder’s plea for help for Flint, Michigan. Governor Snyder thanked Obama for the emergency declaration and for “supporting Flint during this critical situation” in a statement but said an additional request for a major disaster declaration was denied. That would give Flint much-needed funds.

Obama is not meeting with Snyder, he’s meeting with the fairly new Democrat mayor, who also did nothing, and he’s going to appoint a czar to handle it all.

Snyder is being blamed and he deserves some blame but it’s hard to jump in when Democrats have ruined a city.

He appointed the emergency manager, Darnell Earley, a Democrat loyal to the mayor, to take over much of the mayor’s responsibility for this when the city failed.

The manager suggested the change to river water and all the Democrats voted for it. However, there is more to the story, in an email, he wrote, the decision to switch was “a part of a long-term plan that was approved by Flint’s mayor, and confirmed by a City Council vote of 7-1 in March of 2013 — a full seven months before I began my term as emergency manager.”

The council said they couldn’t second guess everyone and everyone else made the decision.

Flint went through four emergency managers because the city has overwhelming problems and is outrageously bankrupt. The voters of Flint installed two felons, one a murderer, and two individuals who have declared personal bankruptcy in the past on their city council.

In 2013, the newly elected Flint City Council included a convicted killer, a man who served probation for felonious assault and two people who have gone through personal bankruptcies.

According to Michigan live, also on the nine-member council are:

• First Ward councilman-elect Eric Mays pleaded guilty to felonious assault in 1987 and served a year of probation. Mays said the man had been threatening his life before Mays threatened him with a gun.

• Second Ward Councilwoman Jackie Poplar filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in federal bankruptcy court in 2004, a year before first being elected to City Council. She repaid nearly $21,000 to her creditors over six years.

• Newly elected Seventh Ward Councilwoman Monica Galloway and her husband filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1999, according to federal court records.

Snyder’s appointees at the state de­part­ments of health and en­vir­on­ment­al quality violated new fed­er­al reg­u­la­tions re­quir­ing an­ti­cor­ro­sion treat­ment for the city’s an­cient wa­ter pipes when the switch was made. Tests were conducted improperly.

Michigan’s top environmental regulator, Dan Wyant, resigned after a task force created by Snyder blamed problems on his agency.

Snyder was desperate when he made the appointments. The city was on the rocks and Democrats did that.

The city was run into the ground by Democrats. They drove jobs away by catering to unions. Tax hikes couldn’t pay for the unaffordable union contracts and pensions went unfunded. Welfare issues added to the mess. The 2002 Democrat mayor ran up a $30 million deficit and blamed racism when he got thrown out of office for incompetence. You can read more about that at Frontpage Magazine.

On Long Island where I live, wealthy residents of New York City vote on Long Island because they own summer homes here that they rarely use. It’s illegal but they do it so they can divert the money to Manhattan. That is the goal of Democrats in general and why we see the HUD housing rule to social engineer every neighborhood in the country. They are making every suburb into a satellite of the mega-cities so suburbia can pay for their messes.

Meanwhile, Flint and other Democrat cities will continue to go bankrupt, become buried in crime, fail to provide services and look for ways to fund their entitlement society on the backs of those who don’t commit crimes or look to live off the earnings of others.

Governor Snyder has been fully transparent and just released 274 pages of emails. We haven’t gone through them yet to better assess blame but there is plenty to go around. There would be no need to blame anyone if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama hadn’t politicized it.


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