Breaking…Florida Airport Killer Was Aashiq Hammad in 2007


The following information is a report by reporter Chuck Johnson at GotNews.

In 2007, Esteban Santiago used the name Aashiq Hammad and recorded Islamic music.

Fort Lauderdale Airport terrorist Esteban Santiago registered on MySpace under the name “Aashiq Hammad” and recorded Islamic religious music on the site, 3 years before he ever deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier. That sort of kills the whole PTSD case the family and the media are setting up for him.

And you know what else? What are the chances his family didn’t damn well know it?

Got News found Esteban’s two email addresses and verified them with other identifying information like his brother’s name.

The second e-mail, “”, is how GotNews exclusively visually identified Santiago before every mainstream media outlet and discovered he was posting on an explosives/weapons forum about mass-downloading Islamic terrorist propaganda videos in 2007 yesterday.

Today, Got News discovered the first e-mail, “”, in the MySpace database that was leaked earlier this year.

He was on MySpace as Aashiq Hamad in 2007. He was in Iraq in 2010 at the earliest. There goes that PTSD lie.

Sounds Like He’s a Convert to Islam

The songs he recorded included, “La ilaha illAllah”, which is Arabic for “There is no God but Allah,” and the first half of the Muslim declaration of faith, the Shahadah.

Got News would like to know why the MSM is lying to us.

“Intentional” recitation of the Shahadah is generally considered sufficient to convert to Islam. If you listen to that song, you will find it sounds like Esteban Santiago was “intentional” about what he was saying. You can see his brother come up on his friend’s list. This is the guy.

This was, as we mentioned, three years before he went to Iraq. The story about hearing voices could well be a defense planned in advance.

The Victims

This freak planned his trip to Florida to kill the victims, people going on a cruise. When he went to the FBI last November and told them he was being forced to listen to Islamic music, was he looking for help or was he setting up his defense? This is a cunning, evil man.

The victims included a grandma from Georgia, Olga Woltering, who was described as “joyful” and “loving”. She is the third person pictured below. Terry Andres and Michael Oehme were among the five people killed. The other victims have not yet been identified. Two are fighting for their lives in a Ft. Lauderdale hospital.

Mr. Oehme pictured in the middle was on an annual cruise with his his wife who survived.

An update with the video of the shooting can be viewed on this link.

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