Florida Couple Who Can’t Swim Try to Ride Out the Hurricane in a Sailboat


A Martin County Florida couple who couldn’t swim thought they could ride out hurricane Irma in an anchored sailboat but were quickly rescued.

The sheriff’s office released the video below on Sunday afternoon. They wrote on Facebook, “MCSO Marine Rescue and Strike Teams are launching into treacherous waters to begin a marine rescue of two people who remained on their boat near the causeway. The mariners say they are unable to swim. We will keep you posted on this. Please pray for the safety of our brave first responders.”

What’s Happening Now

The hurricane is now a Cat 3 making a second landfall on Marco Island at 4:20pm.

An oddity about the hurricane is the draining of the canals before the water is pushed back up.

The outer wall of the hurricane at 3:15 on Marco Island.

Naples at 2:10 pm:

The storm surges aren’t stopping any time soon. This is downtime Miami.



Flamingos at Busch Gardens ushered to safety.

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