Florida Mayor Asks Officer “What are we serving pig today?”


A Stuart, Florida mayor Eula Clark entered a grocery store, saw a police officer, and then said, “What are we serving pig today?”.

WPTV reported the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association reports Stuart Mayor Eula Clarke said “I didn’t know we were serving pig,” in reference to a uniformed police officer she saw at a local grocery store. The police officer says he heard her say it.

The Benevolent Association president said, “She looks at the officer and says, “What are we serving, pig today?” Kazanjian said. “The poor guy walked out, you know, hurt. That’s coming from the mayor of the city?”

She wasn’t interested in addressing it with the reporter at first but claimed she supported police.

The Benevolent Association president said she sent him a letter with an apology.

After being pursued by the reporter for weeks, she admitted it.

“It happened. That was something that happened. It’s done with. I want to move on. I want the officers to work for our community. I want them to believe in what I do as mayor. To believe in what they do for their jobs. I just want to make sure that they know I have their backs,” she said.


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7 years ago

Two bit piece of trash!! She doesn’t want to face the penalty for her crap. Immediately recall this trash. Find someone who qualifies to be a mayor instead of the trash.

victor dougherty
victor dougherty
7 years ago

She is an obvious piece of s..t! If you said it, own it. Let’s hope the voters have a good memory & vote this ignorant woman out of office.

Barbara L Samuells
Barbara L Samuells
7 years ago

She is not taking responsibility. She says, “It happened.”
No, “it” did not happen…mysteriously, all by itself. YOU said it, deliberately and openly and with hateful, derisive and racist language toward one of the police officers who works for you.

Where is the “I” in the explanation??? Talking vaguely about this as if it happened “outside of you” is an insult to the intelligence of all who hear you.