Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, Deranged Social Media Account


Daily Mail reports that the murderer at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is Nikolas Cruz, according to police sources known to the Daily Mail. The killer injured at least twenty and there are casualties. Seventeen have been reported deceased, two had died at the hospital.

Cruz was heavily armed, possibly with an assault rifle.


Nicolas Cruz, 19, was also identified as the gunman by the Miami Herald.

According to the Herald, citing a “law-enforcement source,” Cruz is a former student who had been identified as a potential threat to the school. He had been expelled.

“We were told last year that he wasn’t allowed on campus with a backpack on him,” said math teacher Jim Gard, who told the Herald that Cruz had been in his class last year.

“There were problems with him last year threatening students, and I guess he was asked to leave campus,” the teacher told the Herald.








  1. WOW. Gateway Pundit may have collected more before that happened.

    I just heard the father of Cruz said “He asks for nothing but forgiveness for his son’s behavior”.

    THIS is a big mistake. WHY should someone who does this be forgiven for anything.

  2. I got some screenshots off of a private server. Be careful…they are going to try to spin this as an ISIS-inspired event. His google search has allah akbar in it. but it was to find out what it means. Then he makes reference quotes the “Team America Movie” stating At least we know what it means when a sand durka says, “allahu Akbar.” He stated how he wanted to kill terrorists AND cops. THIS IS NOT MUSLIM OR ISIS RELATED! Please pass this info on. This guy is a crazy hate filled maniac who wanted to kill people. Please keep the #TRUTH going! This can and will be spun for political reasons.


    • Yes, I saw that. It’s mentioned in the comments on his Instagram posts. He followed Syrian and ISIS fighters but it wasn’t ISIS-related, he was fascinated with violence.

      He was just mentally ill.

      There are posts on Instagram under different names, one was Nikolas the Freemaker, another was Nikolas CruzMarkarov but they’re down already. The posts are allegedly by the parents asking people to forgive him, saying he loved nature was really a nice boy who was mentally ill, and in one photo he was wearing a MAGA hat.

      Other people claim he’s a registered Democrat. Who knows if these are legitimate. I only post when I get it first hand or from the mainstream. It’s hard enough getting the truth from them.

  3. I thought it was a mistake but it is confirmed, 17 has died. The story of the teacher who died saving the students is terribly sad.

    The way the media was asking questions at the hospital finally gave me the sense of what these reporters engage in, basically attempting to turn it into a soap opera. One question I hear in every situation is, “can you talk about”, and the disgusting “how did that make you feel”. What those media “jerks” WANT is for the person being interviewed is to “cry” for the camera. I’ll say this, if a reporter Ever came up to me with that question they would be Shocked at my response.

    • Well said friend. Its disgusting. These kids and adults, everyone is in shock. Just report dont interview these kids. Theres no morals in the media. Freaking pigs.

    • For as long as I can remember (a long long time) third-rate teevy “reporters” have been asking people how do you feel about this or that. They’re not trying to make anyone do anything. They just don’t know any intelligent questions to ask. They parrot each other and spend their entire careers babbling buzzwords and cliches. A lot of teevy reporters are better than that, and some are very good, but the amateur hacks tend to stick with you.

  4. I will pray that you will burn and rot in Hell, Nicolas Cruz. You destroyed the lives of so many good innocent people and their families, and there is no forgiveness for your worthless, hateful, rotten soul. You should have taken your own life.

  5. In my day they had what was called “Reformatory Schools”, for those who were trouble-makers and generally anti-social. They seem to have went away the same as Mental Asylums. Nowadays there can be no discipline and anti-social behavior and violence is “tolerated”. Once tolerated it is inevitable that it will be taken to another level. Instead, we seek to solve these issues with drugs or other fruitless means. Character doesn’t come by itself. It has to be taught, nurtured and sometimes imparted strictly.

    • This happened during the Reagan Administration. He defunded all the State Hospitals, cut taxes, and told us to wait for it to TRICKLE DOWN.

      The only trickle we got was blood of children and massive homeless problems.

      • It came about in the late 60s, early 70s, and it was social/cultural. The idea was that being mentally ill was just about “doing your own thing” and not necessarily a negative. The cult film, “King of Hearts” — as well as Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest” and the book by Kurt Vonneguts son all helped this along. The myth made up by the left later was that it was Reagan — it was not. Funny how so many people who read it somewhere swear by it, though.

  6. “If you see something, say something.” That works well with potential terrorists but is absolutely NO HELP if you know a friend, neighbor or family member has mental health issues. Even if you do, “say something,” even IF you are heard, there is NO HELP available, none.

    Back in the 1970’s, politicians developed what they thought was a swell idea enabling them to funnel big sums of money away from mental health facilities into, well, a new cash cow for themselves.

    In New York, under the auspices of, “more humane treatment,” politicians decided it would be kinder to put mentally ill people into community group homes. They then commenced to shutting down every mental hospital in the state. Oh and, those “group homes,” well patients just open the doors and walked away.

    Did anybody wonder when Kings Park Psychiatric Center or Pilgrim State closed, what ever happened to those institutionalized? Or questioned the wisdom of closing these facilities? I did my psych rotation at Kings Park and personally met with the very patients about to be released and frankly, it scared me half to death.

    Communities did notice changes in their towns. There was a suddenly bumper crop of homeless, “bag people,” littering Main Street, shopping malls. And suddenly, there was a very big increase in prison populations.

    Anybody with a friend or family member suffering from mental illness knows exactly what I’m talking about. There are simply no in-bed facilities for treatment … unless, of course, you are a person of great means.

    The head of the Stony Brook Psychiatric ER was a personal friend. He is there no more, could no longer cope with knowing, regardless how dangerous, how insane the patient, he was forced to discharge them because there simply were no beds, was no place to put them.

  7. When are we going to realize, we are going to have to arm our teachers to keep our children safe at school. Do that and these sickos will think twice about going to a school to shoot our children.

  8. There are incidents of brutal bullying in schools everyday, and many times nothing is done for fear of discrimination by school officials- see something- for God’s sake they put it all over the internet and nothing is done till someone is DEAD!!!

    Sources tell America First Media the bully in Booneville, Arkansas is a ‘football star’ in the town, and thus the School nor Police were originally doing anything about it.

    At least, not until the video went viral.

    The child being beaten up is mentally challenged.

    Booneville police said they have the video and are investigating the fight, with charges expected to be laid very shortly.
    Read more at https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=488_1518574335#TVS8ayqZXLM5xe6U.99

  9. That case in Booneville is not bullying. It is full fledged assault and battery. There has been a serious blurring of the lines between taunting, bullying and battery.

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