Flynn 302s released, sure looks like he didn’t do anything wrong


The mostly unredacted 302 doesn’t seem to waiver from the redacted version and it’s hard to see anything wrong here. Michael Flynn appears to be very honest and forthright.

Joe Pientka and Peter Strzok conducted the interview, although Pientka’s name is still redacted.

Flynn mentions during the interview his frustration that the prior administration didn’t have any relationships with other countries. He was starting from scratch.

If anyone lied about this interview, it’s most likely the FBI, not Flynn. Flynn was afraid the FBI would come after his family so he agreed to say he lied.

The left is already trying to make his dealings with Turkey and Russia sound nefarious, but they sound more commonplace than nefarious. And he was open about them.

Some observers were concerned that he wasn’t consulting with Obama, but why in the world would he? Obama was a lame duck and he was out to harm the new administration. His day was done, or it should have been.

Michael Flynn has fired the lawyers who cut the plea deal for him and he’s hired some high-powered attorneys.

Flynn’s attorneys, Rob Kelner, and Steve Anthony said in a court filing Thursday morning their longtime client was “terminating” them, and that he has already found new legal representation.

The new attorney is said to be someone whose name we would immediately recognize.

However, Judge Sullivan who is hearing the case denied the request.

The Democrat MSM is tying the change of lawyers to the release of a phone conversation transcript between Flynn’s lawyers and the President’s attorneys. The left wants people to believe the Trump attorney, John Dowd, was obstructing justice, but Dowd clearly states he doesn’t want any confidential information, so what’s the problem? He wanted non-confidential material that could affect national security.

The change in attorneys could be tied to that call, or it could be that Flynn has decided to fight. It could also be a matter of costs. Other rumors say he’s had enough of those attorneys.

The interview took place on January 24, 2017.  The report was written on Jan 24th, 2017.

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New Spygate documents are coming out and that should be interesting.

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