Foiled by Her Own Instagram! AOC Appears to Have Lied About Moving


The NY Post is still trying to find out where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lives and they appear to have caught her and her spokesperson in a lie. Her undoing is her own Instagram kitchen chats.

The Post previously ran a story about her living in the Bronx — or not. It seems no one ever sees her at her Bronx apartment, once owned by her late father.

Her spokesman on Sunday insisted she moved to new digs in mid-February.

But the kitchen seen in a cooking video Ocasio-Cortez posted to Instagram Sunday night matches the one in other cooking videos she posted on Nov. 9 and Dec. 27.

They need to just put TMZ on it with their paparazzi.

And look at how Ms. Green New Deal travels in a gas guzzler.

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