Follow-Up to the Bergdahl Swap: Both Criminal and Amoral


A Green Beret and a real American war hero, Lt. Col. Jason Amerine (photo below), exposed illegal and amoral activities by the Obama administration worthy of a tinpot dictatorship that took place over the Bergdahl swap. A complaint about an illegal ransom of about $2 billion paid for Bergdahl in addition to swapping five dangerous Taliban thugs implicated the DOD and the DOJ. Amerine told Congress which is well within his legal right. In fact, it’s his duty.


Because the Lt. Col. told the truth, he is facing a court-martial.

This is a courageous man still fighting for his country and look at how he is being treated.

Lt. Col. Shaffer, a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, confirmed to Fox News that he received the same information from his sources that a ransom was paid though it is “completely against U.S. law”.

Lt. Col. Amerine reported the information he received and now he is being targeted by a ruthless and lawless administration. It reminds me of the videographer who became Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s patsy for the 9/11 attack on Benghazi. A trumped up excuse was used to throw him in jail. He was basically imprisoned for exercising his free speech and creating a dopey movie. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama then lied about the entire episode.

The administration is a gangster-style operation comprised of thugs and dictators. That’s not hyperbole to those of us paying attention.

Lt. Col. Amerine wanted to save other hostages in the region and put that on his list for the mission to rescue Bergdahl. Instead, Obama did what he did and the hostages were abandoned.

Amerine was given the job of finding Bergdahl and asked to also be allowed to find other hostages who were suffering needlessly. The administration didn’t care about them at all. There was no value placed on their lives. The entire affair was only meant to empty more hostages out of GITMO.

“Warren Weinstein is dead. Colin Rutherford, Joshua Boyle, Caitlan Coleman, [two indistinquishable names] remain hostages in Pakistan.  I used every resource available but I failed them…but after I made protected disclosures to Congress, the Army suspended my clearance, removed me from my job, and sought to court-martial me,” Amerine said.

He declined to mention the names of other hostages.

Photos in descending order, Warren Weinstein, Joshua Boyle and his wife Caitlan Coleman (their baby born in captivity is also being held), and Colin Rutherford.

Warren Weinstein

Caitlin Coleman!



No one is coming for these hostages. The U.S. is leaving them all behind and only rescued Bowe Bergdahl, the deserter. To all but the brain-dead, there is no question this swap was made only to have an excuse to unload more terrorists from GITMO and the other hostages are irrelevant.

The terror-sponsoring nation of Qatar – Obama’s new friends – was given about $2 billion in payola, money that is hidden in plain sight. The Haqqani network that held Bergdahl only wanted their guy, not the Taliban – it was completely unnecessary to release the Taliban who will now go on to try and kill our military, harm U.S. interests, and attack innocents.

Our Dear Leader operates like a two-bit dictator in a banana republic.



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