Food Stamp Farm Bill Is Approved Without Food Stamps


Farm bill?

Photo of the Food Stamp Farm Bill graph

The Farm Bill passed narrowly in the House today with 8 votes to spare, but the name of the bill is a misnomer. The “Farm Bill” is really a Food Stamp Bill. Eighty percent of the funding for the bill is for Food Stamps or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). The Republicans passed the bill today without the funding for the Food Stamps.

The move by Republicans infuriated Obama and the congressional Democrats who are strong proponents of the welfare state. Democrats are accusing Republicans of causing hunger across America and starving children.

The harvest turned into a food stamp bonanza decades ago and it is officially out of control.

Since the Food Stamp president has been in office, we have seen an increase in the food stamp program by 11,133 persons per day.

Separating the food stamps and farm subsidies would give Americans the opportunity to see where the money is going.

Senate Democrats and Obama won’t go for it but it is a good idea.

Check this out. You can come here illegally, never get a job, and live off the welfare state for 20 years while you have 7 children you can’t afford:

Read about the Farm Food Stamp Bill at the Washington Post


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