Food Worker Faces 20 Years in Prison for Putting Bleach in Officer’s Drink



Trevor Hockaday

A McDonald’s worker has been charged after allegedly pouring a peroxide-based cleaner into an officer’s drink.

Trevor Hockaday, 22, is facing one count of aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer after the incident in Kansas earlier this month.

He’s getting off too easy. He could have killed the officer.

Authorities say Hockaday, of Iola, was working at a branch of the fast food chain when he put a peroxide-based cleaner in the Allen County deputy’s drink.

The police office was reportedly sick with flu like symptoms.  Hockaday may face up to 20-years in prison.

Allen County Sheriff Bryan Murphy told the Eagle that Hockaday allegedly added ‘four little squirts’ of a cleaner that is used at the restaurant to wipe down counters.

He added that one of Hockaday’s co-workers came forward to investigators.

This is what Democrats have wrought. They continually stereotype all officers who are out protecting us. They do it because leftists must destroy them to take over.


  1. The “left” must be very proud of their achievements in this regard…shootings, character assassinations, rape allegations etc., etc.. It is almost frightening that there has been NO cases reported of a push back by the “right”…Would not want to be a “leftie” when the “limit” is surpassed…

  2. He is getting off easy, Should get the max as an example but if he did, if it was mentioned at all by the MSM, it would be buried.

    Twisted lefties like him get in a jam and who do they expect to save them? Cops.

    If not cops, this could be ANYONE on the other side.

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