Footage released of killer being pummeled by customers


Just released: footage of a killer being taken down by customers after he murdered a customer.

An armed felon, Joel McClain Carson, who fatally shot a gas station customer, Efran Hernandez, in the head, was tackled to the ground and disarmed by a group of people after he tried to take them hostage.

It would have been a good news story except that Carson first killed an innocent customer, a father of two, just standing in line. It could have been worse.

After murdering Hernandez, Carson pointed the gun at other customers and forced an employee to lock the doors into the business, KNXV reported.

One of the hostages, Armando Martinez, said he was getting out of there one way or the other. “I wasn’t going to die that day,” he told the reporters.

Martinez wrestled the killer to the ground, pulling the trigger four times but it didn’t fire. An employee with a crate started bashing the killer. More customers joined in, pummeling the killer.

“At that point, it was do what you want, either get out of here or you help me,” Martinez said of the other hostages. “And they all chose to help me. Got a lot of respect for them for that.”

The group pinned Carson down and wrestled his gun away during the brawl, The Washington Post reported.

“Whoa! They’re tackling him!” a 911 caller relayed to the dispatcher. “They tackled him! They tackled him!”

Everyone escaped after the hour-long siege one year ago. Carson was eventually arrested and wounded in the battle. He’s facing charges of murder, kidnapping, and more. A year later, he’s awaiting trial.

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