For $8 You Can See Bill & Hillary Clinton Bomb in Sugar Land or Not


Bill and Hillary Clinton’s tour was a bust in Toronto and it’s not doing much better in Sugar Land. They will speak on Tuesday and there are lots of tickets left and you can buy seats in the orchestra for $65. The mezzanine is as cheap as $8.

We have an update Monday. You can buy loge tickets for $7. They’ll be pulling people off the streets and paying them to come by tomorrow.

The tour is billed as ‘An Evening With The Clintons‘–  a conversation with their ‘unique perspective on the past, and remarkable insight into where we go from here.’ Sugar Land, Texas is the second leg of the tour.

By way of comparison, you can’t get tickets for Peppa Pig tickets for under $96 and that’s playing for three nights.

Bill and Hillary are discussing their legacy for all who want to listen and apparently that’s not many people.

There are orchestra tickets being sold for over $1000 at some venues and we wish them lots of luck trying to get that price.

At the event in Toronto, she had an endless coughing fit. 

Both Bill and Hillary made a point of telling Canadians they prefer Canada to the U.S. We expect nothing better this time around.

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