For Pols Wanting U.S. to House Syrian Refugees-You Go 1st!


There comes a point when pontificating politicians and their paid mouthpieces need to be challenged on their, “This won’t hurt me a bit.” compassion.

Safely tucked away in their cloistered, other worldly bubbles, supposedly championing “humanity” in our names, these out of touch utopians are exponentially raising the threat level against their fellow Americans.

Virtually nothing highlights that point more than, within hours of the French massacres, Democrats leading an indefensible call to bring thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States.

Common sense citizens, becoming increasingly frustrated and angry, are justifiably asking, “Are these nitwits kidding?” Sadly, the answer, is “No.” Dems are quite willing to have their fellow countrymen take an untenable risk, for what these narcissist pols see as a political reward.

So now it’s time to demand they show the ultimate confidence in their quixotic policies by applying these practices in their own lives. Here are some outspoken proponents of refugee resettlement we’d like to see set an early example; by bringing displaced Syrians into their homes.

Democrat Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand – referencing Germany’s population of 22 million taking in 1.5 million Mid-Eastern aliens, Gilly’s pointed to our ability to accept at least that many. Hey Kris, take in a couple of those military age males overwhelming the Deutschland. After all, that demographic makes up a huge majority of the refugee population. Pitch in!

Democrat leader, Nancy Pelosi- Remember this quote from Nancy’s 2014 trip to a southern border overrun by illegal aliens? Following an overly dramatic pregnant pause she said, “I wish I could take all those children home with me.”

Tune in just before the 6 minute spot. She and her multi-millionaire hubby certainly had the financial where-with-all to do just that. However, not a single kid, was brought home to share their lavish life style. Now’s the perfect time for Nan to make up for that bout of hypocrisy. Tis the season!

White House Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes- Ben, in a Sunday interview with Chris Wallace, spoke with haughty assurance about the ability to vet all the those running from Syria to the United States.

Whoops. Did we say spoke? Actually he pretty much misspoke and weasel worded his way around Wallace’s questions.

His claim of “robust vetting” was directly debunked by congressman, and former chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Peter King (R, NY), who explained, “There is virtually no vetting, because there are no databases in Syria.”

Actually in Chris’ interview you can hear a Rhodes’ disclaimer noting the aliens are being vetted, “against all the available information”. Comforting, no? Probably not enough for Mr. Rhodes to open his, and by extension, his family’s arms to refugees that have been reviewed based on that feeble criteria.

Democrat President, Barack Obama- Last, but certainly not least, we have our “Commander in Chief”. One would think, given Obama’s impassioned rhetorical defense of both his stated refugee policy and its screening process, he’d be among the earliest volunteers to embrace some distressed Syrians. And who could be better suited than Barack to provide a warm, multi-cultural welcome? Not only is Mr. Obama the most powerful and privileged of all Americans, but his stay in Indonesia influenced him to the point of claiming, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.” Sounds like a perfect fit, unless Barack was unlucky enough to pick folks who, for perfectly logical reasons, blamed their current tragic circumstances on his horrific Mid-Eastern “strategies”.

However you view all this, one thing’s becoming increasingly clear. It’s time for us to respond to Democrat politicians’, self-serving call to increase our charity by simply insisting, “You go first!”


  1. This is the perfect response to these miscreants who would jeopardize the safety of American Families while they hide behind the gates in their exclusive communities and the bodyguards they employ, and we pay for, to keep themselves safe.

    It’s about time for the Republican Party to start fighting. If they cannot stand up and fight and win this one, then it’s high time we divorce ourselves from this corrupt shell of a Party.

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