For Those Who Wonder About Ms. Blasey’s Little Girl Voice, Read This

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During his Tuesday show, Rush Limbaugh spoke with a caller who said that Ford’s “whole demeanor and her body language, it was just so rehearsed and coached.”

“You know, we had … I didn’t get to this yet. I had an audio sound bite,” Limbaugh said.

“A Hollywood actress or an actress somewhere that I’ve never heard of did a video impersonation of Dr. Ford, and it was so spot on, and it was exactly… I noticed her speech pattern,” he continued.


“Those of us whose profession involve the voice know very well the various vocal techniques that professional vocalizers use, and she used to a great effect what is called uptalking or up-speaking, and that means to end every sentence on an up note.”

Uptalking, Limbaugh said, “promotes the idea that you’re young and innocent and vulnerable, and it’s what you say was the little girl type voice.”

As for the Hollywood actress, she will be punished. She had to apologize for it and tell everybody she supports Dr. Ford.

The actress is Rachel Butera, the voice of Princess Leia in the new Star Wars Resistance series .

It would be interesting to know what Mrs. Blasey Ford sounds like normally. Everything this actress is saying is what many of us also thought.



I don’t want to call deemed-credible Christine a liar because she might have gone through some trauma, but she’s not credible, just very sympathetic unless you look with discernment as these body language experts have. She’s is less sympathetic when analyzed.

Laura Ingraham’s body language expert talked about her cutsy little girl voice and motions.

Bombard, a Body Language expert, said much the same thing. She said the little girl voice allows her to evade some of the scrutiny she would normally be under (17:23 on the tape).


  1. Clearly staged. If anyone’s truly interested in truth, we might want to look into who, among the Democrats, spearheaded this smear campaign against Mr. Kavanaugh. I’d start with Di-Fi, and go from there. In the end, I’ll bet it was far more about anti-Trump sentiments, than it was anti-Kavanaugh. Bombard’s narrative is awesome.

  2. No professional polygrapher wold proceed when a subject is crying or otherwise obviously emotionally unstable. Ford says she was crying and ill at ease: end of session.

  3. If Elizabeth Smart could sit on the witness stand and look her evil captor in the eye and tell the court the horrificdetails of her capture and repeated rapes fir over a year when he kidnapoed her from her home when she was 14..Ms. Ford should have had no problem facing Kavanaugh after thinking about it for 36 years. Although Elizabeth Smart knew every detail when questioned, time, places, dates, locations… Ms. Ford had complete memory lapse. Fake allegations, Ms. Ford..karma comes around eventually.

  4. Everything about using this woman as a person to bring false and scripted accusations about the judge was STAGED and plotted. EVERYTHING and that sickens me, disgusts me and really hurts. It hurts as a woman, hurts as a citizen, hurts as an observer.
    And the crazies and irrational, hysterical contemporary feminists are snarling and clapping with glee. This nation has to see once and for all the wickedness in the hearts and minds of MANY women who keep using their female gender not in honest truth and desire for safety and protection from TRUE violators and perps, but to merely try to bring men down. Innocent men who have never forced themselves onto anyone, or assaulted any woman. They play the fake victim role and harm & hurt many people in the process, and they truly don’t care.

    • I agree with you completely. I started to catch on to this after what they did to Herman Cain. It’s hard to believe but this is what they are willing to do — destroy the man, trample civil rights, and they will do almost anything at all.

  5. There are people all over the internet trying to get video recordings of her real voice.

    Shouldn’t be too difficult. Many college students record their classes.

  6. Maybe that’s why the Dems were/are so dead set against releasing any video of her lie detector test. We’d hear the real her.

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