Forced Unionization Update From Michigan


Forced unionization into the thuggish SEIU is the price of receiving Medicaid payments for the handicapped in Michigan.

Back in mid-November, The Washington Examiner reported the following story –

“… you’re a parent who accepts Medicaid payments from the State of Michigan to help support your mentally-disabled adult children,  you qualify as a state employee for the purposes of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). They can now claim and receive a portion of your Medicaid in the form of union dues.

Robert and Patricia Haynes live in Michigan with their two adult children, who have cerebral palsy. The state government provides the family with insurance through Medicaid but also treats them as caregivers.

For the SEIU, this makes them public employees and thus members of the union, which receives $30 out of the family’s monthly Medicaid subsidy. The Michigan Quality Community Care Council (MQC3) deducts union dues on behalf of SEIU…”

According to, the government entity which allowed this (MQCC) is supposed to be defunct but certain Michigan politicians have kept it going and, as a result, the dues keep flowing to SEIU –

…in 2005, the Michigan Quality Community Care (MQCCC) was formed to be the so-called government “employer” for some 45,000 private home care aides. Through this arrangement, these independent contractors were compelled to become dues-paying members of SEIU Healthcare Michigan.

The union has had a collective bargaining agreement with the MQCCC since 2006, collecting million in dues from Medicaid subsidies paid to the home care providers.

The council effectively runs the program for SEIU and passes the union dues from the state to the union.

The Michigan Quality Community Care or MQC3 is supposed to be defunct but still operates because of the support of Senators Kahn et al.

Emails show that Sen. Kahn, chairman of the Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee, worked behind the scenes to keep the forced unionization of home health care workers intact despite legislation to render it defunct and which, in turn, keeps the deductions flowing…

Senator Kahn has received campaign donations from SEIU, the benefactors of this forced unionization.

The take of the forced unionization so far is $28 million.

To quote MichiganCapitolConfidential –

…According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, the amount of “dues” taken out of subsidy checks that go to “home health care workers’” checks and passed on to the SEIU so far is as follows:

2007: $5,040,263

2008: $4,922,359

2009: $6,058,075

2010: $5,677,792

2011: $6,391,314

No one knows where the money is going, but SEIU can use it for anything, including purchasing votes of elected officials in the Michigan Democratic Party.





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