Fords from the Same Mexico Plant Come In Fully Loaded…with Pot


The Associated Press reports that more than 400 pounds of marijuana has been discovered inside 15 vehicles made in Mexico and sent to Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The marijuana found is valued at $1 million. It was shaped into donuts and hidden in the area where a spare tire would go.

They were found as a service worker inspected the vehicles. Upon further investigation by law enforcement, pot was also found in a nearby rail yard and at dealerships in two states.

Ford is taking it very seriously, they said. Probably as seriously as the last time.

This exact same scheme has happened before. Earlier this year, authorities in Minnesota found the same marijuana donuts in a batch of Ford Fusions and Lincoln MKZs from the same plant.

One car equipped with marijuana was sold to a 86-year old man.

If Ford’s going to outsource from Mexico, they need to set up better inspections before they leave the plant. Ford claims it didn’t happen in their plant. They might want to double check on that.

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