Foreign Criminals Rearrested for New Crimes in NY


Contributor James Soviero

This article has been edited. The title of this article had to be altered because Facebook called it hate speech. The title of the article was, ‘Protected Illegal Aliens Rearrested for New Crimes in Sanctuary City’. Facebook took it down. We now have a more acceptable title. We aren’t sure if they objected to ‘illegal aliens’ or ‘sanctuary city’.

A new report reveals that dozens of criminal illegal immigrants shielded by New York City’s sanctuary policy were released from jail and quickly rearrested for new crimes.

Never doubt that citizens are unimportant to the leftists flooding our nation with Third World criminals. It’s a future electorate.

The failure of the New York City government under Communist Mayor de Blasio is endangering the citizens. The officials prefer to protect dangerous foreign criminals.

Within the three months, from January to mid-April this year, ICE prepared more than 440 detainers against aliens booked by NYPD or NYDOC. Nearly 40 individuals who were released from custody, reoffended and were again arrested for crimes by local law enforcement officers, ICE reports.

“In just three months, more than three dozen criminal aliens were released from local custody.

Examples of crimes committed include serious felonies including larceny, criminal possession of a controlled substance, fraud, assaults, and homicide.

ICE has not been notified about the release of aliens in custody at New York City facilities since 2014. The only exceptions are for those that fall within the 170 crimes considered egregious by the Mayor’s Office. Larceny, assault, fraud and some homicides are A-OK with the Democrats [Socialists] running the city.

ICE has been pushed out of jails and it forces them into communities, posing dangers for them and residents.

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