Foreign Newspapers Describe Barack Obama In One Word After Nuclear Summit


UK and Israeli newspapers have one word for Obama – ‘clown’ – for flashing the peace sign as the photo of world leaders was taken at the end of what was a very serious two-day nuclear summit. David Cameron looked on unfavorably and others looked bemused, laughing at him no doubt. Russia didn’t bother to attend.

When he wasn’t censoring the French President for calling the danger what it is – Islamic terrorism – he was acting the part of the intellectually immature student and choom gang member in the Ché Guevara t-shirt.

After two days of discussing nuclear proliferation and hearing an urgent warning from David Cameron that ISIS terrorists are planning to use drones to spray nuclear material over Western cities in a horrific “dirty bomb” attack, Obama acted like a clown.

A real leader – David Cameron – warned that the dangers of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL aka ISIS) getting hold of nuclear material was “only too real”.

There’s footage of ISIS using drones and it was deemed so serious that world leaders were asked to take part in war games to plan how to respond.

ISIS is believed to have seized around 90 pounds of low grade uranium from Mosul University in Iraq after taking over the city in 2014, though its limited toxicity means its use would likely cause panic than serious harm.

They also attempted to infiltrate nuclear facilities, Cameron admitted to journalists.

“So many summits are about dealing with things that have already gone wrong,” he said. “This is a summit about something we are trying to prevent.

Obama claims to understand the seriousness of our situation and said they want to improve nation sharing but this will be the last meeting of its kind. He’s playing at president as ISIS prepares for nuclear warfare.

After two days of what should have been a wake up call, our White House clown posed like this. Peace man.

obama peace man

Other leaders posed like leaders.

Obama the clown



  1. Hes a sympathizer, thats why. Obama should have been impeached long ago and run out of DC on a rail. Hes a liar and a thief, a fake and guilty of treason and sedition. That he has not been is why Trump is winning the election: Americans cannot abide cowardice. The GOP has displayed nothing of courage or patriotism, and everything of elitism. They no longer represent the people of this great nation. The people are fed up, and we are furious,a nd we will wipe them off the soles of our shoes in November.

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