Foreigner Who Scaled the Statue of Liberty Was Inspired by Michelle Obama


Theresa Okoumou, the foreigner who scaled the Statue of Liberty on July 4, put the lives of rescuers at risk and even threatened to push them off. She is a member of a Communist Abolish ICE Resist group. Sporting a “white supremacy is terrorism” t-shirt, she told the press during a conference that she did it thanks to the inspiration of Michelle Obama.

She received applause and cheers. This was after she considered killing the rescuers.

From NY Post:

Emergency Service Unit Detectives Brian Glacken and Christopher Williams said they had to win the trust of Therese Patricia Okoumou, 44, before helping the Fourth of July protester off her precarious perch roughly 150 feet up.

“Just at the beginning” Okoumou was hostile, Glacken told reporters. “She basically threatened to push us off, push the ladder off. But we were persistent, stayed up there.”

“Win her trust?” Really? She threatened to kill them.

In addition, Okoumou forced the evacuation of 4500 people who might have no other opportunity to see the monument. It was also done at great expense.

After trashing the NYPD, she called the President a “monster”, adding, “we do not put children in cages.” It was Barack Obama who put the children in cages and who allowed them to be turned over to traffickers.

The inspiration she got from Michelle Obama came from a quote of hers in which she said, when they go low, we go high.

She has a police record and assaulted a police officer last year. As for this crime, she was released without bail but does face six months in prison. It’s unlikely a thing will happen to her. She’s a migrant, she’s black, and she’s a Communist — she’s Teflon.

If Okoumou hates whites and our President so much, she should consider going back to the Congo. She comes here and all she does is complain. It’s also clear this woman has no regard for the rights of others, only her own.

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