Foreigners Replace Poor Americans Based on College Affirmative Action


American colleges, including the most prestigious, want foreigners and their money. They need the money for all the superfluous activities, unnecessary courses, and enormous salaries they pay to some professors.

The foreigners who are admitted are sometimes rich and privileged but they get to check off the boxes that say ‘black’ or ‘Hispanic”. They get into some of our most prestigious colleges based on affirmative action.

Poor blacks who descended from slaves are the only ones who should be receiving this benefit, not the descendants of Spanish Conquistadors or rich Africans and Middle Easterners.

Affirmative action in student selection is for Americans, not foreigners. But that is not what is happening, Tucker says.

The opaque college administrators lie. The admission procedures are hidden from view. We end up with discrimination under the guise of ending it.

Affirmative action itself is not a great approach.

National Review brought up three problems with affirmative action in general. First, recipients are not seen as legitimate. They didn’t earn admission. The policy kills the idea of meritocracy since it treats median students as if they were high achievers for the purposes of admission. Lastly, the affirmative action students tend to isolate themselves into ‘safe spaces’.

It separates us more and makes America about identities instead of uniting us as one people.

It’s wholly unAmerican.

Tucker Carlson nailed it last night with his brief description. He asked:

“When skin color becomes a criterion for admission, some people lose. But who exactly wins? We know who’s supposed to benefit. Affirmative action was designed to level the playing field for Americans whose ancestors had been discriminated against, primarily this meant black applicants.”

“Yet fifty years after affirmative action began, the percentage of African Americans at many elite colleges appears to be dropping, even as schools boast about being more diverse. How is this happening? Simple. Foreigners are taking their place.”

Tucker had a civil rights expert on after this segment but she was there mostly to refute anything he said — with no facts.

The left has ruined college education in this country and this is only one mistake they have made. It’s all done with the best of intentions.

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