Forged Clothing Answers Racism Claims Over Flag Shirt — “We Are Not Nike”


“We are not Nike,” ~ Forged clothing, makers of US flag shirts

We now live in a country where, if you disagree with someone, you are called a racist, mostly if you are on the political right. If you honor your country, you’re a racist, if you criticize a person of color, you’re a racist. It’s wrong and who really wants to live in a country like that? We are all one people.

Everything is chalked up as racism. It’s insane that no matter what a person says on the right, the person is labeled a racist. It’s ridiculous and dangerous at the same time. It is the Republican Party that freed slaves, and it is the Democrat Party who wanted to keep slavery going.

The tweet by the President is one example of inappropriate claims of racism. He was angry at the squad, especially Omar. The always angry Omar constantly tears the country apart. He suggested she go back to her country, fix it, and come back and tell us how she did it. He made a mistake and referenced all four squad members going back to their countries since three are American, but he meant her. That’s all he said. He didn’t stereotype or put himself on a superior plane.

That’s not racism.


Beauty Queen Kathy Zhu, a minority woman, was stripped of her crown because of two deleted tweets, one in which she identified the statistics showing most black people are murdered by other black people. She also tweeted that she was offered a hijab to try on at her school and turned it down. She didn’t approve of a college allowing religious statements, especially one that makes men superior to women. She tweeted and deleted.

The media, CBS News and other mainstream outlets, said she was relieved of her crown because of her racist and insensitive tweets. Even the agency taking her crown away didn’t do that.

They don’t agree with her so she has to be destroyed.

Miss Zhu stands by her tweets and she should. She did nothing wrong.


Now we have Chris Pratt labeled a racist by some for wearing a t-shirt with a U.S. flag and the Navy Jack on it. There is nothing racist about that. Both are our flags. The Gadsden flag displays a coiled snake with the words, ‘Don’t tread on me.’

The Gadsden flag was designed by Continental Army Brigadier General Christopher Gadsden in 1775 as a symbol of freedom and liberty. Second Amendment supporters, Metallica, the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team, Republicans, and Libertarians have adopted the flag as a symbol of freedom and liberty.

In 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that the flag may be considered as racial harassment in the workplace in certain situations, TMZ reported.

The commission noted that the flag was not created as a racist symbol, but that some people now feel it conveys “racially-tinged messages in some contexts.”

It doesn’t and who cares if some people want to call something racist when it clearly is not?

Some in the Twitter media sewer are calling it white supremacist. These are the same people who are calling all of our Founders racists in an attempt to destroy all the good they have done.

Yahoo Movies U.K. was widely panned this week for relying on a handful of tweets from obscure Twitter accounts for a piece originally titled, “Chris Pratt criticized for ‘white supremacist’ T-shirt.” Yahoo later renamed the piece, “Chris Pratt criticized for T-shirt choice,” after facing a wave of criticism from voices on both sides of the political aisle who accused the outlet of manufacturing outrage, according to The Washington Times.

Forged clothing, makers of the shirt Pratt was wearing, responded to the accusation, “We are not Nike.” Nike is a company that promotes anti-Americanism.

Forged Apparel, the veteran-owned company behind Chris Pratt’s Gadsden Flag T-shirt, is re-releasing the “Don’t tread on me” design in defense of Mr. Pratt after some people called the American Revolution-era flag a symbol of racism.

“[W]e are not Nike,” the company said in a statement. “The four tweets that have been posted by small-minded people with myopic views (one of which has already been deleted) DO NOT scare us. We will not back down and recall our Gadsden Flag shirts. Instead, we are going to re-release this design.”

We will order some of those shirts at the Sentinel and we love the byline, “We are not Nike.”

“We are not Nike!”


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