Forget Real News, Listen to the “Moral and Religious Leaders” of the Dem Party


Presidential hopeful Cory Booker seems to think that acting insane is the way to win the White House in 2020. He went bananas during a press conference Tuesday.

Breitbart reported that he showed up at a presser with the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and they were billed as Democrat “moral and religious leaders”. If true, that likely won’t fly.


All Democrats have to do is appear sane but that seems to be too much. Cory Booker, an intellectual lightweight, is one of the craziest.

On Tuesday, Cory Booker railed hysterically against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the nominee for the Supreme Court.

Booker claimed that anyone supporting Judge Kavanaugh is “complicit in evil”. That could include a couple Democrats, almost all of the Republicans, and half the country.

“I’m here to call on folks to understand that is a moral moment, there is no neutral. In a moral moment, there is no bystanders,” Booker said at a press conference. “You are either complicit in the evil, you are either contributing to the wrong, or you are fighting against it.”

He appeared with the two Socialists, fake Indian Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Communist/Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT). They were advertised as a group of “moral and religious leaders,” according to Breitbart.

Booker portrayed Kavanaugh as a threat to civil rights and voting rights. Booker is a very dishonest broker.

Can you tell he’s hoping to run for president in 2020?

What is really “evil” is stereotyping half the nation as racist, Nazis, Islamophobes, sexists, and whatever else they can think of.

Unhinged and misquoting the Bible:

These are the bats*** crazy Dems being hoisted on us by the party.

This tweet from free beacon says it well:


There was really good news this week. On Wednesday we learned there is a deal on tariffs, but the media is barely reporting it. A left-wing UK paper, the Guardian published some information.

Donald Trump and the European Union President gave an impromptu press conference Wednesday as they struck a deal to work towards “zero” tariffs, barriers and subsidies.

The EU also agreed to buy billions of dollars worth of American exports, including soya beans and natural gas, and work to reform international trade rules.

It’s all good.

That’s not what the media cares about. They care about Michael Cohen’s tape of Trump talking to him (that’s all we found out so far from the tape).

There was also the news about Secretary of State Nick Pompeo being attacked by the blowhards in Congress. Unfortunately for them, Pompeo’s IQ is way above theirs and they got nowhere.

If the hate Trump media didn’t have Trump, they would fade away. They talk about nothing else.



  1. I assume you mean where it says, “I walk in the valley overshadowed by death”.

    It reminds me of the other day someone talking about “an eye for an eye” in an attack on Jews and Zionism. I can’t count the times I’ve heard this and if they would read the “context” it’s speaking of monetary compensations. Just think about it, how would it work if a blind man puts someone else’s eye out.

    It appears there great news on the trade/tariff front. Early in the day talk was dramatic of an all out trade war and mocking Trump saying it would be easy. They weren’t expecting any revelations today. As it was in the hearing today all these Democrats expect and believe Trump is a total imbecile. As Trump said during the campaign; he has dealt with these people and, pursuing business, he is much more aware of details that None of the Congress have any clue about. It’s why they consistently make fools of themselves. A good example is Ryan stepping in it. He said Trump was “trolling” with the security clearances, only to be confronted later by the media when it was asked of him it has begun. I finally understand that all the critics really don’t understand when he’s serious and when he’s not, and it’s really not very difficult.

  2. “moral and religious leaders” I’m shocked that Warren & Sanders haven’t sent off for their $29.95 Reverend Certificates like Al & Jesse.

  3. These self-righteous, arrogant politicians fit Ayn Rand’s political philosophy of ‘Collectivism,’ based on a view of man as a cogenital incompetent, a helpless mindless creature who must be fooled and ruled by a special elite with some unspecified claim to superior wisdom and a lust for power.’

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