Former Asst. U.S. Atty. Says There Is No Basis for Mueller’s Investigation


Robert Mueller

Former U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy does not believe that Robert Mueller’s ties to Jim Comey are problematic. Mueller is a “straight arrow” who is known to be “honest” and “patriotic.” However, there is a serious problem with his investigation, McCarthy wrote in National Review in June.

Andrew C. McCarthy

The problem is that there is no legal basis for this investigation. The investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, McCarthy says, is not a criminal investigation. It is a counterintelligence investigation.

It should be the work of agents, not lawyers and the investigation needs to be limited.

McCarthy is concerned about “the ideological bent and potential for overzealousness of the staff he [Mueller] has assembled.” But, he says, “there is no doubting their legal acumen, and with Mueller calling the shots, I believe the Trump administration and the public will get fair treatment.”

McCarthy writes: “Trump is plainly angered by the appointment of a special counsel: It was unnecessary, it intimates that he may be guilty of crimes, and it is potentially destructive of his administration’s capacity to govern.”

“The potential for destructiveness is a function of the boundless jurisdiction Rosenstein gave Mueller, which itself is a result of improperly appointing a special counsel to run a counterintelligence investigation. Such an information-gathering exercise, has no real parameters — as opposed to a criminal investigation, which should be narrowly focused on concrete factual transactions that feature the elements of a criminal offense.”

McCarthy says Trump should not fire Mueller but the deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein should immediately issue a directive to tightly and appropriately define Mueller’s jurisdiction.

Rush Limbaugh discussed it on his show yesterday and made some great points. Mueller is now looking into Trump’s and his family’s businesses and their financial records. There is no end. It’s boundless. Rush commented on McCarthy’s assessment:

“Now, this Mueller investigation, Andy McCarthy, my old buddy at American Greatness and National Review has been writing about this Mueller investigation since it began and he’s nailed it. The thing has no parameters. Rosenstein didn’t put any limits on this! It’s not just about the Russian investigation. Mueller can investigate all of Trump’s life; there’s no end to this! There are no limits in this special counsel investigation. They have not been defined.”

“I don’t believe that’s accidental, and it’s not too late to do it! The Justice Department can rein Mueller in and put parameters or limits on where he can go. Right now there are none! As evidenced by the fact the guy can investigate apartment sales in Trump Tower all the way back to whenever the first Russian bought one!”

“We’re supposed to believe that Trump was colluding with the Russians back in 2008 as he was preparing his run for the presidency. Yep. Exactly right. Now, but here’s what else is going on, folks, because Mueller has no limits. He’s hired, as we all know now, a staff of at least 14 lawyers, and it may be more, and each of them have assistants and clerks. This is a massive, massive amount of people that Mueller has hired.”

Rob Rosenstein might need to be fired. He’s not handling this well. We will try not to panic over Mueller but why couldn’t he find even one lawyer who isn’t anti-Trump. He’s also been swimming in the swamp for his entire career. There’s another point made by Newt Gingrich this week — 99.81% of his law firm’s donations went to Hillary Clinton. It’s also worth noting that Mueller was rejected for the position of FBI director.

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