Former Bill Clinton Aide – Shari’ah’s Not a Threat, Free Speech Is


Former staff secretary for President Clinton, David Goodfriend, thinks it might be time for people to  consider the moral repercussions of our free speech, but he doesn’t have much of a problem with Shari’ah.

Shari’ah isn’t a creeping threat. “That’s just ridiculous.” Meanwhile, he and people like him are enabling the creeping by advocating for political correctness in the case of speech that is offensive to some Muslims.

He wants Americans to be sensitive to their culture but what he doesn’t realize is they are in our country and they have to adjust to our Bill of Rights. It’s not the reverse.

Goodfriend was a guest on America’s Newsroom and said this:

“I don’t think you’re doing your side any favors by talking about Shariah creep. That’s just ridiculous. What I do think what’s going on is a healthy debate about the limits of First Amendment and free speech and that’s where we ought to keep it. That’s the American way.”

We owe Pamela Geller. It is only thanks to her that we are being made aware of this creeping infringement on our First Amendment.


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