Former Cali Assemblyman Beats It Out of Socialist California


California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore is fleeing his Socialist state. The Sacramento Republican formerly served the 70th district until he retired in 2010. He has wisely moved to Texas.

People are still free in Texas. The leftists can continue destroying the state of California without him.

DeVore credits Donald Trump with saving America and points to the wrong-headedness of the California worldview.

“The reason why this is an issue right now is you may have seen the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey tweeted out a piece by Ruy Teixeira [stating that] California is the future and that California is this wonderful utopia,” DeVore said.

It’s not.

As he points out, the authors of the article, Ruy Teixeira and Peter Leyden, believe this happened because “they absolutely crushed the Republicans and conservatives in California, and now liberals run the place.”

“I thought, ‘This is insane. This isn’t reality,” DeVore added.


In an appearance on Fox News, DeVore said: “If you’re a member of the working poor, if you’re anyone other than the elite from Silicon Valley and Hollywood, it’s tough to make ends meet, to put food on the table and put a roof over your head in California.”

As he said, the poverty rate is over 20 percent compared to 14 percent in Texas. He also made note of the migration out of the state which has reached 100,000 per year.

[Let’s hope the liberals don’t all move to Texas and ruin that state too].

More Socialism Coming

That is how socialism works, it kills the middle class. Democrats will now run on socialism, making increasing taxes a centerpoint of their platform. Like Texeira, they want California to serve as the model for the rest of the country.

They plan to roll back the tax cuts and increase revenue [taxes].

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