Former Choom Gang Member Barack Releases Drug Dealer Who Brought in 210 Pounds of Coke


The Choom Gang
The Choom Gang


The ringleader of one of Baton Rouge’s largest crack cocaine distribution rings won’t serve his 50-year sentence because he is one of the 61 drug dealers that Obama released from prison.

John E. “Boo” Milton III, 50, a drug kingpin, will be released on July 28 under the president’s order. He has served 19 years of that sentence and is being held at a federal prison in Alabama.

Is 19 years enough?

Milton was responsible for bringing 210 pounds of powder and crack cocaine to Baton Rouge from 1992 to 1996 and had his office right near a school, but the judge who sentenced Milton in 1997 said the actual amount surely topped that estimate.

He lived a posh lifestyle and rode around in fancy cars, always had lots of cash. He set up cocaine shipments even  after he was indicted in 1996.

The late U.S. District Judge Frank Polozola, who sentenced Milton, called the amount of drugs in the case “astonishing.”

Milton deeply regretted his criminal actions after he was caught and sentenced. Satan made him do it.

A tearful Milton told Polozola at the time, “It seemed like every time I’d make a dollar, Satan would take it and keep me working, like a yo-yo.”

In 1999, Milton, trying to get his sentence reduced, claimed government officials were responsible for creating the drug market trade. Polozola deemed his allegations “outrageous.”

Milton’s sister, Tangi Milton Williams, who has been working on his release wrote in a petition that he saw it “as a way out” of his financial difficulties. Obviously! He needed money! Don’t we all.

Meanwhile, a man who was sentenced to 55 years in prison simply for selling marijuana did not have his sentence commuted.

Weldon Angelos has been rotting in jail and the sentencing judge, Paul Cassell, who was forced to follow the sentencing guidelines, has asked Obama to commute his sentence.

He called the sentence the must troubling of his career.

Angelos has been the poster child for the movement to lighten sentences so why wasn’t he released but the career criminal and drug kingpin was? Obama also released some drug dealers with weapon charges but not Angelos. This man might be good on posters but he needs to be freed now.

It’s a public health problem, Obama says.

Source: The Advocate

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6 years ago

There is no telling how many lives were ruined because of 210 pounds of dope. No way to know the number of thefts, robberies and other crimes committed in order to get the money to buy the stuff. and no way of tabulating the almost certain deaths resulting from all of the possible interactions as a result of that quantity of drugs, including of course overdoses, suicides, impaired driving, etc.
Did we mention the number of orphans, abused and neglected children, lost productivity, costs to the taxpayers and general decline of neighborhoods, communities and normalhuman interaction and relationships.

6 years ago
Reply to  bobmontgomery

Legalize drugs. The war on drugs doesn’t stop people from doing drugs, it may encourage it. And it creates a black market where unsavory charecters can use their criminal skills to make huge profits. I would rather live in a country where kids are turned down trying to buy pot at a grocery store, than pressured into buying pot in a school parking lot.