Former CIA Director General David Petraeus Takes a Surprising Stand on Apple


General David Patraeus, former director of the CIA, today came out strongly in favor of Apple resisting the FBI’s demands to create a “backdoor” into the iPhone.

Patraeus joins his former colleague/director of the NSA, Michael Hayden, who’s also sided with Apple.

“Do I want Apple to make a backdoor to enable [accessing suspects’ phone]? I would say no,” Patraeus said in an interview on Fox Business.

Like Hayden, Patraeus said the net impact to America’s security will be negative, as the “universal lock” will be impossible to contain.

“I don’t think Apple should be compelled to make a backdoor,” Patraeus said, “because I think it would make the entire technology so much more unsafe.”

“I don’t think [the solution] can be a universal backdoor that’s there,” he continued, “because there’s no question that those who wish us ill will find it, will use it for criminal purposes, will use it for other purposes.”


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