Former CIA Official Slams Obama Administration in Fox interview


by Julie on Politics

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell attacked his former colleagues in the Obama administration on a laundry list of topics in an interview on Fox News yesterday.

Morrell called the Benghazi attacks a “failure at the state department,” and said the administration’s internal talking points on the crisis “cross[ed] the line between national security and politics.”

He also said administration officials catastrophically misinterpreted the effects of the Arab Spring, which has turned into a “huge boon” for Al Qaeda.

He also said that the Senate Intelligence report on enhanced interrogation, released in December 2014, was the “most flawed document” he’s ever seen during his 33 year career in public service.

He concluded by saying that threats to national security have multiplied under Obama’s leadership, and that terror threats on American soil will “remain significant for a long time.”

“I’ve never seen more threats to our country at any one time in my 33 years in the business… I think in the history of our country,” he said. “These are very dangerous times…I think we are at risk of another attack here, and I want Americans to know that.”

Editor’s Note: He seems a lot more worried about ISIS and the possibility of ISIS obtaining WMDs than Mr. Obama.

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