Former Clinton Aide Warns Trump He Must Go to Court to End the Witch Hunt


Former Clinton adviser Mark Penn told Martha MacCallum this week that Trump should go to court to stop the Trump-Russia probe. This can’t go on another year. Penn knows what he is talking about after dealing with Ken Starr for a year.

“Look, I spent a year fighting Ken Starr and I think any reasonable person looking at what happened here says this investigation had no foundation and whatever foundation it had was not only wrong but corrupt.”

The people involved are all corrupt.

“I think Christopher Steele was part of the FBI when he leaked, lied and was fired, Page and Strzok are clearly biased, the head of the FBI was clearly biased, the head of the CIA appeared to be doing illegal leaks as well, this whole thing was corrupt.”

Penn said all that comes out of this probe is the fruit of the poisonous tree.

“There’s a doctrine called the fruits of the poisonous tree that says when investigations get started like this, when searches and seizures are done on this basis, they should be thrown out. I think that’s probably the best way to stop this thing. Because otherwise we’re going all the way to the end and I don’t think we should waste another year here.”

Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Chair said there was no intelligence on the Papadopoulos accusations which started the probe.

“Devin Nunes says there was no official intelligence and he’s now looking at the State Department. That suggests what happens here is that one of Hillary’s aides, who I know well but I’m not going to mention names, passed this on to the State Department from an Australian diplomat who helped fund a $25 million contribution to the Clinton Foundation.”

“Who’s reporting a conversation,” says Penn, “that he had about a conversation that someone else had with a Maltese professor who then had it supposedly with Russian agents, which showed no collusion in the first place. Now, what nonsense is it to start the world’s most significant investigation, with all of the resources of the government and the country, on the basis of this. It’s ludicrous.”

One report said the information was passed in a men’s bathroom. Not a surprise since Hillary kept the nation’s most secret documents in a bathroom closet.

Penn also referenced the lies he has been telling about not knowing who paid for the dossier.

The case needs to go to court, Penn says. That’s what we said a year ago. Why isn’t his team demanding that?

Penn said,“I think they’re on pure defense and they need some offense, and they can’t fire Mueller.” He says, “I think they should go prove, say there’s bias, say this investigation has to be thrown out, and they should get discovery of all of these things. They need an offense, not just defense.”

We’ve been saying that for a year too.

Take the Offense Now

As Penn said, this is going on to the end. It won’t stop unless Trump takes the offense and beats these guys up in court.

Trump needs to file in a friendly court, Texas would work.

This is a witch hunt and Robert Mueller is gathering so-called incriminating documents to help Democrats impeach Trump if they take the House.

Mueller and Comey are far-left Democrats. They are not the Republicans they pretend to be. If you want to know who Mueller is, read this report put together by a congressman.

James Comey is intimately involved in a number of illicit probes with Mueller, was mentored by Mueller, and has far-left views on the majority of issues.

Trump told the crowd in Washington, Michigan last night that we have to keep the House or they might impeach him.

We know from comments several Democrats have made that they don’t think they need to prove a crime to impeach. On that, they agree with Mueller who is on a fishing expedition with no evidence in support of the original crime. He stacked his deck with Democrats. It’s obvious what is going on.

This is all very sad. Donald Trump wants to focus on making our sovereign nation great again and the far-left is tearing it apart.

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