Former Congressman Says It’s Time to Fire Attorney General Sessions


When President Trump wanted to fire Jeff Sessions after he recused himself from all things Russia, many were upset and angry. The President responded by not firing Sessions. We shouldn’t have doubted his instincts on this. Now might be time to fire him.

It hurts us to say that. We truly like Jeff Sessions and there still is a chance he will do something after the Inspector General’s report comes out.

For over a year, people have hoped that Attorney General Sessions was collecting evidence and just waiting for the Inspector General’s report.

While the House and Senate release reports proving felonies and while evidence of Democrat collusion in the writing of the “garbage dossier” becomes obvious, many hoped he was working behind the scenes.


There is no evidence that Rumplestiltskin Sessions is doing anything. In fact, the opposite is true.

Why not prosecute the felonies we know about? Rep. Nunes says nothing is being done about the felonies which obviously exist.

No one in the DoJ or FBI has been fired. Sure, they’ve been moved around and some have retired with fat pensions, but no one has been put up on charges or fired. In fact, Agents Strzok, Page, and Ohr still work at the FBI with their security clearances.

Sessions praised Asst AG Rosenstein the same day Rosenstein was identified in the FISA memo as one of the individuals who signed off on the slanderous FISA memo to spy on President Trump.

The DoJ/FBI continue to obstruct justice and refuse to give information to the congressional committees that have oversight. They will not respond to any FOIAs as they must by law.

Some believe Sessions could be a Deep State plant. Others think the government has something on him. Many think he’s just not up to the task. Whatever the case, we need a very tough AG. Perhaps Chris Christie or Rudy Giuliani could do the job. If Sessions is fired, the next one to take the reins is Rod Rosenstein. He must be fired as well. In fact, several more need to be fired.

It’s not as simple as it appears.

There is always the possibility that Sessions knows things that would exonerate Rod Rosenstein and others. It isn’t apparent at the moment.

Former congressman Jason Chaffetz believes Sessions must step down because he isn’t up to the challenged.

The Attorney General wouldn’t follow up on any corruption when he was in Congress.


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