Former Czar Ron Bloom Scrounging for a Union Bailout in Detroit



Photo of Ron Bloom as his idol, Mao ZeDong

Former car czar and communist sympathizing thug, Ron Bloom, was the designer of the auto bailout which gave GM to the unions and Chrysler to Italy at the expense of bondholders. It was a grand redistribution scheme from the taxpayers and bondholders to the unions.

Bloom admitted – what should have been obvious – after the fact – he did it all for the unions.

Now he’s doing it again. Reuters reported that he has been hired to fight against benefit cuts in Detroit’s bankruptcy case.

I sense another bailout at taxpayer expense to support the unions. Taxpayers throughout the nation will probably be forced to pay for badly negotiated deals in Detroit. It is taxation without representation.

Bloom is not shy about quoting communist mass murderers.

In this video, he says that the free market is nonsense and he kind of agrees with mass murderer Mao Tse Tung that power comes from the barrel of a gun. is this someone who we must support?

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