Former Deputy Director of the CIA Says Wikileaks Documents Are the Result of an “Inside Job”


Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell told CBS “This Morning” on Saturday that the Wikileaks Vault7 document leak was an inside job. The leaked data is not shared outside the CIA and it’s on a top secret network not connected to any other server.

“Absolutely. This data is not shared outside CIA; it’s only inside CIA. It’s on CIA’s top secret network, which is not connected to any other network. So this has to be an inside job,” he told “CBS This Morning: Saturday.”

The CIA systems need updating, he agreed. He also wants Americans to believe the CIA won’t spy on you through TVs, phones and so on.

“There [are] a lot of questions here about how did this happen? Was this a CIA staff employee or was this a contractor? How did they get their access to all of this data? How did they download it onto a thumb drive? How did they get it out of the building? Were there red flags that were raised that were missed? Were there any red flags on this system at all? So there’s a lot of tough questions here that the senior CIA leadership should be asking and that Congress should be asking.”

The media doesn’t seem to be pointing the finger at the Russians for this.

Morell suggested the alleged bad blood between the President and some at the CIA is behind them but this latest leak does hurt morale, he added.

Morell doesn’t think Americans should worry about the CIA spying on average citizens because the CIA is focused on foreign threats.

“They don’t need to worry at all,” he said. “The CIA focuses its activities overseas. It focuses its activities on foreign nationals. The CIA is not permitted by law to target Americans. So Americans should not worry about this. Just the opposite — they should actually be proud that their intelligence agency has developed these capabilities to collect intelligence on our adversaries who are trying to undermine our security and to, in some cases, kill Americans. So I think that’s how the average American should think about it.”

They actually can target Americans and if they decide to get any one of us – without a warrant – they can.

This statement be Morell, a man not known for absolute honesty, backs up earlier claims by Edward Snowden that this was clearly an insider.

Wikileaks is planning to share what they’ve learned with tech companies. Adversaries will be able to exploit that and use it to explore their own networks for bugs.

Mike Morell: CIA leak "an inside job" by cbsnews

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