Former DHS Secretary Ridge: We Can’t Effectively Screen Refugees


Barack Obama is in position to take in however many refugees he wants from whatever country he wants and he will do exactly that, but the former head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says the U.S. does not have the ability to vet Syrian refugees and refugees from certain other countries seeking asylum in the country.

“Particularly from certain parts of the world, I’m just not sure that we’ve got the background information — they talk about screening, they talk about being able to review everybody in a timely way, and it may take a year or two,” Tom Ridge told John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York’s AM-970 on Sunday.

“I’m just not confident that they’ve got sufficient information from law enforcement, the intelligence community to do effective screening,” he added.

“So, a pause for refugees from that part of the world is very appropriate at this time.”Ridge said the refugee crisis is the result of the global community’s “failure” to deal with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“The countries that are involved in accepting the refugees — that is just a consequence of the broader global community’s failure to take on ISIS in Iraq and ISIS in Syria,” he said.

“And you’re going to continue having refugees fleeing these barbarians, these murderers until the global community, particularly — hopefully — with U.S. leadership, but that may take another president, and NATO countries.”

The former Republican governor of Pennsylvania said the problem will not go away as long as ISIS is a power in the region.

“They’ll continue to have problems if ISIS continues to run freely — and they are, in spite what the president says — and get further and further embedded into Syria and Iraq,” he said.

Ridge advocated building a safe zone in Syria for refugees displaced by the violence.

“And I do think that the global community — in addition to figuring out how they’re going to handle it militarily — owes these people, owes these people the development of significant refugee camps until the internal situation can be resolved,” he said.

Ridge mentioned the brutality, the beheadings, the Christian genocide and genocide of infidels and said there is a shame on all of us.

“And until we do that, shame on all us, because we let this cancer grow.”

Barack Obama has ignored the safety of Americans and has vowed to take the refugees in. He has compared them to the Mayflower pilgrims, told states they cannot refuse them, and has accused naysayers of “offensive” and “hysterical” language because they are only “widows and orphans”.

It is morally repugnant for the leader of a nation to risk the safety of the people he has sworn to protect in order to put on a show of feigned moral greatness by taking in unvetted refugees. He who could have stopped the ISIS slaughter from the very early days but chose to sit on the sidelines and watch the beheadings of little children, the sex slavery of innocent women, the slaughter of men in the most horrific ways while moralizing and condemning those who called for an end to the genocide. His moral hypocrisy knows no limits. His incompetence and lack of regard for the American people’s wishes and for their safety apparently knows no limits.

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