Former FBI Agent Points to Jim Comey as Setting Up Corrupt Environment


Retired FBI agent Chris Swecker was at the agency for 24 years and appeared on Fox News with hosts Todd Pirro and Ed Henry this morning. Singling out former director Comey as setting up what most would describe as a corrupt environment, he wanted the public to know that the men and women who serve in the FBI are not partisans and the problems are confined to a handful of officials at the top.


He was then asked about who the real Director Comey Is since there are conflicting views about the sanctimonious Jim Comey. Swecker gave his most honest perspective. It’s good news about Mueller, but Comey, not so much.

“I had the perspective of serving directly under Director Mueller,” he said. “I bet I sat in on 500-plus meetings with him and Director [Louis] Freeh, and these were two great leaders. They stayed in the background. I never saw a hint of bias.”

He continued: “Unfortunately, under Jim Comey, that hubris that you just mentioned caused him to make up his own rules — leaks, permissive leak environment, predetermining investigations, a non-investigation of the Clinton email investigation, thumb on the scale on the Russian investigation in the beginning here with the FISA applications, and just generally making up their own rules and letting their own political opinions infect their investigation. That is something you learn at the FBI academy. You can’t let your personal bias — you’ve got to leave those at home. If, not you need to be in another line of business.”

Mr. Swecker added that the agents were hearing all the time that McCabe was expressing his anti-Trump opinions all the time in meetings and that just isn’t the way we do business in the FBI.


In case you have missed it, James Comey tweets arrogant, delusional tweets as if he is the honorable one and everyone else is beneath him.

He likes to tweet quotes, articles by his friends bashing the administration, and he has his Hallmark moments. He had one today.

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