Former FBI Agent Says McMaster Is a “Danger to the United States”



It is hard to know how good or bad McMaster is but one former FBI investigator says he is a disaster who must be fired. McMaster is the man who will never use the descriptor ‘radical Islam’. Former agent Guandolo believes McMaster is a “danger for the United States”.

McMaster appears to not understand the threats we face, he says, most notably, that of radical Islam which is growing in this country.

The Glazov Gang discussed radical Islam with John Guandolo, a former FBI agent, combat veteran Marine, and now the president of Understanding the Threat.

John Guandolo reveals how our own officials are imposing Sharia on us.

This is an interesting interview in which Guandolo calls for McMaster [John McCain’s pick for the position] to be fired. He says McMaster is a “disaster”.

What is really frightening is Congress didn’t know what Sharia is nor did they have knowledge of the network of radical Islamists in this country.

He said McMaster needs to go because he is a “danger to the United States”, according to the report on The Truth Revolt.

Sadly, Trump and his agenda will likely go before McMaster.

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