Former FBI agent’s analysis of Trump wiretapping should alarm all Americans


Former FBI agent, Frank Watt, writing for the American Thinker about the FISA and Title III warrant process, puts a whole new perspective on how corrupt the process really was. It is something that should infuriate all Americans. He leaves no doubt in the minds of the Sentinel team that this was a planned attempt to overthrow a President.


Mr. Watt explains in his article, Two Possibilities in Trump Wiretapping, and Neither Is Good, that the process for these warrants is exhaustive and thorough. AND nothing in his experience compares to the “once in a lifetime,” historical magnitude of the Crossfire Hurricane case.

This cannot take place without the written approval of the director (Comey) and the Attorney General (Loretta Lynch), according to Mr. Watt.

As an aside, can anyone imagine Lynch and Comey doing this without the knowledge of Barack Obama?

It ‘rings nearly every bell’:

The implications of intercepting the communications of a U.S. citizen who is associated with the political campaign of a candidate seeking the Presidency rings nearly every “bell” in the FBI’s and Attorney General’s Guidelines for sensitive investigations. As discussed in the IG report, by regulation, these cases cannot be initiated without the written approval of the Director and the Attorney General.

Also involved in the Carter Page FISA process, according to Inspector General Horowitz’s report:

“NSD’s Acting Assistant Attorney General, NSD’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General with oversight over 01, 01’s Operations Section Chief and Deputy Section Chief, the DAG, Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General, and the Associate Deputy Attorney General responsible for ODAG’s national security portfolio.”

As the author states, there is no way seventeen errors made their way into the FISA warrants and remained in them accidentally.

To further strain credulity, we are asked to believe that during the renewal process, which happened THREE times, no one involved in the process noticed that there was no inculpatory evidence being generated by the intercepts. Keep in mind, Page’s communications were continuously monitored for approximately eleven months.

In order for the intercepts to continue after the initial authorization period, the FBI Director and the Acting/Attorney General themselves had to review the “fruits of the wire”, judge them to be investigatively significant, and determine that there was adequate justification to continue to “spy on” Carter Page.

Based on the Inspector General’s report, there are only two conclusions to be reached:

The first is that the hand-selected team of investigators, attorneys, and Senior Executive Service officials with decades of law enforcement, administrative, and judicial experience were abject failures at a task that they were hired to perform.

The second possibility is that nearly everyone who significantly participated in obtaining FISA coverage on Page knowingly and deliberately operated outside the law to one degree or another.

Speaking from personal experience, in FBI, DEA, and state and local wiretap investigations, the slightest omissions, misstatements, and clerical errors are routinely identified and corrected by the street agents and line prosecutors who do these investigations for a living. To believe that a “varsity level” team, with unlimited time, support, and resources, somehow inadvertently overlooked seventeen major omissions, misstatements, and/or outright falsehoods, is simply not believable.

Americans should be infuriated:

Whichever explanation seems more likely, the end result should be infuriating to every American. Either your nation’s premiere law enforcement agency was breathtakingly incompetent when the stakes were the highest, or select officials in that organization made deliberate decisions to break the law, undermine the Constitution, and illegally spy on a fellow American. Either possibility has deeply damaged the reputation of the FBI and DOJ in addition to the reputations of thousands of honest FBI Agents and DOJ attorneys.

The author is a 1983 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.  He served for over 22 years as an FBI special agent, supervisory special agent, and FBI SWAT team leader. 

What will it take to make Americans angry enough to abandon Democrats who supported this?

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