Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe Begs for His Job


Former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe is meeting today with Deputy Attorney General Risenstein or a deputy to discuss his possible firing within the next 48 hours. If he is fired now, it will put all or some of his pension in jeopardy. .

This recommendation does raise questions about his boss, James Comey. He needs to be investigated.

The DoJ Inspector General report will be out shortly and we should find out what exactly caused the IG Michael Horowitz to recommend McCabe’s immediate firing.

McCabe’s Many Possible Infractions

Unverified reports say he is accused of lying to the feds which is a crime.

Recently, investigative reporter Sara Carter told Sean Hannity on his Fox show that Justice Department Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, is investigating whether or not McCabe asked bureau agents to “change their 302s.” He might have altered the Page-Strzok documents on the Flynn probe and deleted all revisions.

McCabe was confronted by FBI Director Christopher Wray early this year over the probe of classified Clinton emails found on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s laptop. He is accused of slow-walking the investigation.

The former deputy and acting FBI director also campaigned for his wife while she was running on money supplied by Clinton donors. He was investigating Clinton at the time.

McCabe faced demotion but chose to step down on January 29th. He took leave and is eligible for his pension on Sunday.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering firing him before his retirement sets in. He is accused of not being forthcoming about an October 2016 story over an inquiry into the Clinton Foundation, said a source.

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5 years ago

Now that’s a way to really shake-up the swamp creatures!!! Violate your Constitutional Oath and your pension is gone. Good for the Treasury too! Sounds like Social Justice to me!

5 years ago

Rosenstein is not the AG. The McCabe matters, which there are several of, would be handled by the AG if he were a real leader and a man. The cause to fire McCabe is great and would have been decided months ago by ethical, courageous leaders. It is irresponsible to allow McCabe into any DOJ facilities.