Former FEC Chair’s Government Agency for Social Media Thought Crimes


The former FEC chair Ann Ravel suggests the government collect social media data. The agency would then use it to take action against so-called ‘disinformation’ on social media. This new government entity would be empowered to discern a person’s ‘intent’.
Ann Ravel screenshot

She wrote in a recent Atlantic essay titled, “How the Government Could Fix Facebook,” she wants to make Facebook accountable, possibly with fines, for, among other things, “objectionable content”.

Under a section titled, “Police Political Advertising”, Ravel told the publication that the definition of ‘election advertising’ should be expanded to include “disinformation”.

There would be a “multifaceted test” and she would like to see “a new government enforcement agency” established to help tech companies oversee this “expanded” definition of ‘election advertising’. That would also help the FEC, she said.

We have all witnessed the silencing of the right and other groups, like Catholics, on social media. It almost always affects those issues with which the left disagrees. Ravel wants to broaden that level of censorship it would seem. It appears she is looking to regulate speech and make it a government responsibility. She wants to do it in conjunction with all media.

Whoever runs the government at the time could regulate all political speech. This is what the left wants for America.

“For instance, communications could be examined for their intent, and whether they were paid for in a nontraditional way—such as through an automated bot network,” The Atlantic writes of Ravel’s idea. In other words, the government would look at THOUGHT CRIMES.

And crimes is the right word. The new government agency would mirror the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

No one can find George Soros’s efforts to take down our government. Therefore, it’s not likely this new agency would either.

Via Free Beacon

The agency could mirror that of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which falls under the Treasury Department and tracks financial activities flagged by large institutions, Ravel said. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has been criticized in the past for allegedly targeting small businesses while letting figures such as former Democratic New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer off the hook.

Ravel claimed that this would allow social media sites—such as Facebook and Twitter—to hand over “lots of communications” from their sites to the government agency.

“The platforms could turn over lots of communications and the investigative agency could then examine them to determine if they are from prohibited sources,” Ravel told The Atlantic.

That would allow the social media giants to freely give our communications to the government. There would be no expense or threats of lawsuits and, anyway, they agree with the leftists. It would give them power and make them a government adjunct. The government would then monitor us for thought crimes [intent] and levy fines on us or possibly put us in prison.

Soros Again
Screenshot of Jonathan Soros, like father, like son.

Ravel, an Obama appointee, pushed for similar leftist restrictions while she served as chair. Currently, she works at a think tank ‘New America’. It is led by Jonathan Soros, the son of leftist billionaire George Soros. Soros also provides funding to the organization.

These people are not simply after hate speech, they want to regulate speech with which they disagree.

Jonathan Soros is the one trying to destroy the Electoral College with the NPV.

This is what the Democrats [who are now Socialists and Communists] want for you.

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